About Asado Argentina

This site is in perpetual construction mode. Things change and I’m always writing new content. Check back often or if you use a feed reader, be sure to add my RSS feed.

Also, this site is not set out to be “the” authority on asado or other foods in Argentina. The main point is to share with you what I have learned over time through my own experiences or what others have taught me. So please don’t think of me as a professional-which I am not, but more along the lines of a neighbor who has invited you into my home to give some insight about how the BBQ is done around these parts. I’ll try my best to show a broad perspective but you should know that, as in every other part of the world, there are many differences and preferences tied to regional locations and traditions in Argentina.

Originally from the U.S., I’m writing Asadoargentina.com from my bungalow in the far off distant land of Tierra Del Fuego.

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