Ajies En Vinagre – Peppers in Vinegar or, um, Pickled Sweet Banana (Hungarian) Peppers

Wondering why banana, HĂșngaro, or some other name isn’t getting comfy between ajies and en in “ajies en vinagre”? Well, so am I. In fact, I wonder about this every single time I walk into a grocery store. Although improving, there is still widespread use of generic naming conventions throughout the food industry in Argentina. Sometimes our sour infused friends do not receive the descriptive “en vinagre,” just ajies. However, if spicy, and not necessarily pickled, they are entitled to receive the crowning of picante. Understandable at times, and yes many international companies continue to do the same–especially with hot sauces, but let’s get real. When a variety of peppers start to hit the produce section or shelves, other than what are normally available, I believe it’s time to properly distinguish them for what they are. At least to facilitate the curiosity and knowledge of budding chefs or home cooks in this internet age, but that’s a topic for another day.

Ajies En Vinagre - Pickled Banana Peppers

Pickled banana peppers are an excellent accompaniment at an asado for those who want extra mouth-puckering action along with their roasted meats. Pickle them yourself or buy them jarred. I prefer to quick pickle them myself but lately they are always horrifyingly blotched and blemished. The big company jarred varieties in Argentina are not that bad but sometimes I wonder if they use industrial strength acetic acid.

There are tons of super easy pepper pickling recipes out there to be found. Even quick recipes that don’t call for sterilizing equipment and such if you are going to consume them within a week or two. Slice them or keep them whole. They sure are tasty.

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