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In case you didn’t know, Google has a nifty custom search engine beta going on that anyone can use. Basically you can create your own little search engine that focuses on topics or specific sites that you like. It’s very cool. Anyway, every day I perform various searches related to Argentina and after a while I get tired of using the site: command to seek out information of the same topic on different sites. Today I thought why not just create a Google CSE? So I did. I took part of the list of blogs over at Bloggers in Argentina to test things out at first.

Let’s say I want to search for Palermo restaurants. Just for example purposes, the top results are a bunch of blogs or travel guides basically stating that Palermo has great restaurants. But that’s not what I want. I want to view some blogs or travel guides that actually review restaurants. Luckily enough, I can add a tag to each site in the search engine that covers this topic. For example,,, and get tagged with dining. So if I search for Palermo restaurants, all I have to do is click on the dining link at the top of the results to receive refined results that give priority to–or only list–these sites that offer dining reviews. Not 100% perfect but still good.

Still needs a lot of work, but there is enough to play around with at the moment for building ideas. This started out as something for me to use personally but I figured why not let others use it as well. The stats only show popular queries and how many queries performed by time/date in case you are worried about privacy.

This isn’t an attempt to steal BIA’s show, btw, that was just a good list to start from. Plus, I won’t be listing what sites I have included and I’ll be adding non-blogs as well.

If you want to try it out you can go here

That redirects to the actual URL of , which is a tad bit hard to remember. I just created this yesterday, so it’ll take a bit of time to fix up. Let me know if you like it or have any ideas.

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