Antares Barley Wine

Antares Barley Wine

“No mas. Not a beer to try after three pints of Antares Imperial Stout. I couldn’t take it anymore. Halfway through, my papillae were screaming “Oh for the love of (enter deity of choice here), please stop!” Come on, we can make it through this together.”

That was my first attempt at trying Antares Barley Wine almost three years ago in a dark pub hidden away on a tiny street off of Avenida De Mayo. The Clover, ah the memories.

Lo and behold, this week’s newest arrival on the local beer buying scene is Barley Wine. Why not give it another try, I thought, and this time, no aperitifs beforehand.

Cloudy honey color. Way too syrupy. Malty aroma with mild citrus notes. Difficult to tell that this beer is 10% by smell alone. The first few initial tastes saturated my nose, upon breathing, with pure grain alcohol badness. However, that did go away after my olfactory system shut down. Orange and licorice are in hiding from their bitter and sweet overlords. Sour finish that dissipates quickly.

Most of that may come off as harsh but the Barley Wine is not entirely horrible, just very rough around the edges, and I have to admit, the label is nice. If Antares could turn up a few flavor knobs and mellow out the alcohol, this could be a decent beer to sip on ever so slowly. Ever so slowly.

Now, I just need to wait for the rest of the Antares family to appear.

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