Argentina Beef

Before I move on into detailed explanations about the various cuts of beef for asado, I’d like to mention a few notes about this meat and Argentina. Argentina has been widely recognized and prized for its grass-fed beef. Hundreds of thousands of tons of beef are exported each year to countries around the world. Argentineans, alone, are one of the top consumers of beef in the whole world. Just how much? Various statistics show that the average Argentinean eats around 150 pounds, 66 kilos, of beef each year. Hopefully that will answer any questions you have regarding the quantities of meat that are prepared for an asado.

Although many fine restaurants around the world may served dry-aged beef from Argentina, most of the meat within the country is sold as fresh as possible. Also, much of the cattle in Argentina are grass-fed and therefore the meat contains less fat and more muscle than cattle raised on corn. Due to all of this, beef in Argentina has a much chewier and tougher texture but has a strong rich beefy flavor. Something that corn-fed beef often lacks. Thankfully, since the method of cooking asado involves a slower cooking process, the meat can actually end up quite tender if prepared properly. Some beef companies, however, do offer wet-aged beef cuts to butchers and grocers to sell throughout the country. These tend to be more expensive yet are often more tender.

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