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Róbalo Ahumado – Smoked Patagonian Blennie »

Smoked Robalo Fish Spread I’ve finally come to the realization that I will probably never catch a salmon or trout using spinning lures. Good riddance. I was never much a fan of that style of fishing anyway. Cast it out, reel it in. Cast it out, reel it in. Wind is another topic. Even with large heavy casting spoons, if the wind is really kicking you’re lucky if you can cast further than 20-30 ft. Then there is location. All of the good spots are either in the middle of nowhere and/or on some private property where you may need permission to fish-by paying or through contacts.

Last Smoke Of The Year »

Smoke For The New Year Few hours till feast time and then after that, party time! With the newly invoked daylight savings time change, there will still be a speckle of sunlight at midnight. So much for good fireworks…

Barbecue: Smoked Pork Shoulder – Barbacoa: Bondiola Ahumada »

Note: The following article focuses mainly on cuisine outside of Argentina (No, that isn’t a burned and charred mess. That is known as the bark or crust which is basically caramelized sugars from the meat and rub(seasoning.) Although it looks burnt, the bark is actually kind of sticky and chewy with no resemblance to charred […]