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Desde El Correo: Cook’s Corner Recipe: Chimichurri Sauce »

After an unsuccessful attempt of asking an Argentinean restaurant to reveal their secret chimichurri sauce recipe, Linda Cicero of the Miami Herald turned to her friend Belen for a version that is probably much better. You can view the recipe that Linda came across here. One that uses the boiling water method, a common method […]

Desde El Correo: Pizza Zero »

(I have a few news alerts set up with keywords related to the topics I write about here. This section will cover anything I find interesting which may, or may not, interest anyone who visits Asado Argentina.) The Washingtonian posted a brief interview today with Gonzalo Di Laudo, the creator/partner of Pizza Zero in Bethesda, […]

Discover Argentina At An Omni Hotel »

I was tipped off to some interesting options that are currently available at select Omni hotels in the U.S. Headlined as “Sumptuous Flavors of Argentina“, this Argentinean-designated experience allows diners and guests a chance to indulge themselves into a mixture of both traditional and modern cuisine. If you want more than a meal, you can […]

Home Away From Home: Buenos Aires Pizzeria »

Years ago, a couple hours after arriving on my first trip to Argentina, instead of being whisked away in order to familiarize myself with the famous steak and malbec, I was taken to a simple neighborhood corner cafe that specialized in pizza. “You’re going to try my favorite pizza,” I was told, “this is the […]