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Arroz con Leche (Rice with Milk) – Rice Pudding »

Arroz Con Leche - Rice with Milk Sometimes I wonder how many countries or cultures there are in the world that do not have some sort of rice pudding dish as part of their cuisine. In Argentina, bring up arroz con leche and someone is sure to declare that their abuela (grandmother) or mother has the best recipe. Some may stick to the basics of milk, rice, sugar, and salt. Others may add a splash of vanilla extract, a pinch of lemon zest or cinnamon, or even a dollop of dulce de leche. Arroz con leche is serious comfort food, perfect after a Sunday lunch or asado.

Helado – Gelato/Ice Cream »

At some asados there are desserts that are ready to be pulled from the fridge, freezer, cooler, or trunk of a car. At others, dessert is nowhere to be found until someone shouts, “You guys want helado?” If the general ruling is yes, then a quick phone call is made for delivery or, if that’s […]