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Vamos A Pescar! »

Tomorrow is the start of the 2007/2008 fishing season! Well I can fish off the coast at any time but for tasty trout and salmon, the window of opportunity has finally arrived. Hopefully this season, unlike the last one, I’ll catch something worth tossing on the ‘ol parrilla. If any fellow fishermen out there are […]

Parrilla Building »

Check out this parrilla that is being built by a couple who recently stayed in Buenos Aires for about three-quarters of a year. Not quite finished yet but enough to where they were able to give it a whirl for friends and family. Fantastic photos detailing the construction process in case anyone is interested in […]

Which Would You Prefer? »

1 Kilo of Asparagus = 4.90 ARS ($1.55 USD) 1 Kilo of Tomatoes = 12.90 ARS ($4 USD) The asparagus pictured above equals one kilo. The equivalent in price(4.90 ARS) for tomatoes at this time would be about 2 medium-sized ones. (I bought a large one last Friday that cost me 3 ARS) I’m participating […]

Spanish – English Food Dictionary »

Well the week is almost over–heh, like time exists when you work at home–and I wasted part of today thinking that I should at least get something up to keep the growth of this site moving along. I think trees grow faster….but anyway, guess what? I’m going to shove another un-sponsored product in your face. […]

Cabaña las Lilas: *DO NOT* Hop On A Plane To Try? »

A while back, I wrote a small post about an article in the New York Times titled, “An Epicurean Pilgrimage: Meals Worth the Price of a Plane Ticket“. Basically, the piece is about various restaurants around the world that serve up such superb food that the plane ticket prices are justified. The restaurant in Argentina’s […]

Grilling up steaks in Argentina »

I remember my initial experience at a parrilla restaurant years ago when I made my first trip to Argentina. About three-quarters of the meats listed on the menu were steaks. Tourist tunnel vision gave me the impression that the word parrilla was plastered on sign boards throughout each block. At any home I imagined anyone […]

Barbecuing, Grilling, Or……? »

Many true hardcore barbecuing purists in the U.S. state that if you cook anything “directly” above hot coals then you are grilling. That’s it. End of discussion. Real barbecuing is slow cooking over an indirect fire. Some others may state that grilling is cooking quickly over hot coals while barbecuing is nice and slow with […]

Farm Fresh »

For some of us out there in this world, except for a visit to a farmer’s market or specialty store, we really have no idea where exactly most of the food we purchase or consume comes from. Sure, for some items, we may know which town, county, province, state, country, or region but which exact […]

The #1 Reason For Having A Parrilla Indoors »

Cold weather! Whoever started the quincho craze here, I thank you.

Introducing Argentina X »

I had this domain sitting around and could never really decide what to do with it. I thought about turning it into a travel site from time to time but, meh, the market is too saturated. Consumes too much time and you really need to stay on top of things or it all ends up […]