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Picada: A Little Something To Nibble On Beforehand »

Since preparing an asado takes quite a bit of time, sometimes you need a little bit of finger foods to keep the hunger at bay; especially if your guests arrive early. A small picada is the answer to the growling that is emitted from everyone’s stomachs. A picada in Argentina is basically a selection of […]

How Would You Like That Cooked? »

When asked how you would like your beef cooked in Argentina the questions are simple. Jugoso, a punto, or bien hecho? Rare, medium, or well done respectively. Rare in Argentina usually falls into the medium-rare category; not the kind of rare where meat is quickly browned on each side. Typically these questions are asked when […]

Preparing And Lighting The Fire »

Improperly preparing and lighting the fire needed to get the coals hot can cause a few problems. If you don’t have a good fuel source to get the starter fire going the flames will extinguish before the wood or charcoal has a chance to get a good burn going. If the wood or coals are […]

Wood Or Charcoal? »

Natural wood, what kind of question is that? Each cook has their own preference for what material to use for generating heat for the asado. Nothing can beat the flavor that is produced by wood but time, availability of materials, simplicity also play a role in what cook choses to create the ideal fire. The […]

The Goods You Need »

OK, well if you are reading this then you might be thinking, “I know that I need to have a lot of food and drinks for my guests”. Well think again because this is all about an Argentinean asado. The key items that can never be left out are sausages, meats, and bread. Even if […]

El Asador – The King Of The Grill »

The asador is the grill master whose main goal is to ensure that he/she will praised, not ridiculed, for the meats and other foods that is served to the guests of the table. The asador must know the science of maintaining fire and heat. The asador must know the right cuts and quantities of meats […]