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More Grills That May Help To Prepare An Asado »

Perhaps some great news for those who bombard me with questions about how to acquire certain types of grills, ideal for asado, in the U.S.. Well, at least the news should be good for those who have been looking for simple or adjustable features in a grill.

Asadores (Those Roasting Crosses) Measurements »

A few inquiries have landed landed in the inbox recently about specs or where to buy those crosses(asadores) that one can can use to roast a whole lamb, suckling pig, or ribs. I’ll cover the topic of cooking with one in detail at some point, but for now, here is a little info for those […]

Makeshift Seasoning Bottle »

About a month ago, a commenter on the chimichurri recipe post, Val, posted a couple great tips on the use and preparation of chimichurri. (btw, if you want to spread the word here on your own tips please feel free to do so) One of them was a makeshift seasoning bottle out of an old […]

Brasero De Mesa – Tabletop Food Warmer »

This nifty table-top accessory keeps the grilled goods warm-plain and simple. Drop a few hot coals from the parrilla into the base, place the cooked meats on the top platter, and you’re good to go. The brasero de mesa is more often found in certain parrilla restaurants than in the confines of one’s home or […]

Asadoware »

I love it when people just drop off gifts when it isn’t a holiday or my birthday. Yeah that sounds bad but hey, why protest? Actually, I need to get on the ball and start returning the favor or else this phenomena might just end. These were put into my possession the other day and […]

Prefabricated Brick & Concrete Grills »

In the section Types of Grills, I listed the various types that are popular for cooking an asado. Portable grills and flat table-type grills are easy to explain and visualize. The prefabricated grills that are found inside or outside of homes and restaurants can be visualized better through pictures. This is an average-sized prefabricated parrilla […]

Types of Grills For Asado »

Every type of grill imaginable is used to prepare asado in Argentina from fabricated brick or concrete assemblies with chimneys to pieces of wielded re-bar placed on top of rocks. Since a key task while preparing asado is to control the heat in different areas, most prefer to use a grill that provides easy access […]