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Grilled Artichokes – Alcauciles A La Parrilla »

Grilled Artichokes - Alcauciles A La Parrilla I always wonder if I should hold off on posts such as this one. Most of the people who stumble across this site or have the feed plugged into their favorite reader are situated well above the equator. Grills are probably being packed away and many are looking forward to roasts, pasta, stews, chili, soups, or any hearty fare that receive front and center attention during the fall/winter seasons. Yet, here I am, in the middle of spring, writing about grilling up some flower buds that will well-stocked on the local shelves until some point in summer.

Choripan! »

It is the end of the day. You have the urge to grill something but you don’t want to end up making a big deal out of it. After a quick run to the supermarket to grab a few items, you light the fire. Crack open some cold beers or a bottle of wine to […]

Pizza a la parrilla – Grilled Pizza »

…or barbecued pizza. I’m going to continue off the beaten path for a bit because I just couldn’t resist a little more experimentation. I was reading SaltShaker the other day, very well written site by the way if you have not come across it yet. Actually before I go further, if you want the dish […]

Grilled Turkey – Pavo a la parrilla »

You are witnessing history here folks. Something so grand and so extreme that all previous attempts never succeeded because the idea was never conceived. Ok, maybe I went a little too far with those statements but who knows, maybe I’m not too far off the mark. I’m going to break away from the norm for […]

Provoleta – Grilled Provolone Cheese »

If you love cheese, warm melted cheese that is, provoleta is a must have pre-meat dish for an asado. Provoleta is semi-hard provolone cheese in cylindrical form. For asado it is sliced about 2 cm thick and cooked on the grill until melted with a crispy exterior. Both sides are typically seasoned with a generous […]