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Salchicha Parrillera »

Salchicha parrillera is like the tall thin brother of the chorizo. Compared to the chorizo there isn’t much difference except in texture and form. Most are made with the same meats and seasonings. One difference is that salchicha parrillera is offered in long thin casings; about the same width as a hot dog. The other […]

Morcilla – Blood Sausage »

Most people have a love or hate relationship with the morcilla; but only if they overcome the actual fear of trying one for the first time. You see, morcilla is a blood sausage, similar to what is known as black pudding in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Knowing that bit of information can turn away […]

Chorizo – The King Of Sausages »

Chorizo This type is by far the most popular sausage grilled on a parrilla. Although, they are used for a variety of other dishes and recipes. The shape and texture resembles sausages found in many other parts of the world; large and plump. Beef or pork is the meat of choice and they are usually […]

Chorizo, Morcilla, and Salchicha Parrillera »

The most popular sausages cooked on parrilla are chorizo, morcilla, and salchicha parrillera. No asado is considered complete unless at least one of these types of sausages is served at the table. Consider these to be the pre-marathon warm-ups to the feast of meats that will soon follow. For sausages are usually typically the first […]