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Salsa Criolla – Criollo or Creole Sauce »

I could write a simple note saying this is a quick and easy sauce to prepare, here’s the recipe, but I won’t. Don’t worry. I promise this will be brief. First let’s take a look at the word criolla. The term is widely used throughout Latin America. To sum it up, remember I’m trying to […]

Chimichurri Recipe »

Wondering why the sauce is not vibrantly green? Check out this post: Chimichurri: Debunking The Myths Here is my personal favorite recipe for chimichurri sauce(main article). You can mix it all together but I prefer to go through a 3-step process while preparing the sauce. 1/2 Cup Olive Oil (For a more mellow flavor use […]

Chimichurri Sauce »

The number one sauce, and usually the only sauce, that is served at the table for an asado is the chimichurri. Think of it as the ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, soy sauce, fish sauce, hot sauce, barbecue sauce, or whatever table-side condiment of Argentina barbecue. Dollops are spooned on top of meats or drizzled onto bread […]

Complex Adobos »

Sometimes simple adobos just don’t cut it in the flavor department. Their primary tasks are to make the meats more juicy while adding subtle notes of flavor. When the cook wants to add some serious punch to meats, complex adobos are used. Beef Adobo 1 Cup water 1/2 Cup red wine 1/2 Cup olive oil […]

Simple Adobos »

Here are some simple adobos to use on a variety of meats. The proportions are easy to adjust to fit your needs. These are With some ingredients, like garlic and acidic liquids, a little goes a long way. Add too much and you’ll over power the flavor of the meat. You can either marinate the […]

Adobos – Marinades »

As mentioned earlier, most Argentineans prefer salt to be the only seasoning added to meats for an asado. However, some meats, like those with a tough texture or wild game, need a little enhancement to make them more enjoyable. Adobos are simply marinades. Although marinades are commonly defined as liquid-based mixtures containing oil, brine, and […]