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Site Issues: Why Are You Republishing Old Stuff? »

Just a note to anyone wondering why old posts are appearing as new and some posts are missing: The site has had some issues with the database and about 20 posts were dropped. Luckily the majority of those were in categories not really relevant to the main focus of the site but I do want […]

Know of a place that can offer Argentinean cuts of meat? »

Let all of us know! I have been thinking about building a directory list of sorts for some time but it has always been on the back burner (just like everything else!). Time to whip something up. So, if you would be so kind, help your fellow asado lovers out and let us all know […]

Just a few things »

I’ve been performing some back-end work and realized that a FAQ page has been long overdue, maybe even a couple posts for the most frequent, useful questions. Not that I get bombarded with questions on a daily basis but those that I do get tend to relate to the same topics. Much easier to drop […]

Great News But Sad News? »

April Fools!!! Yesterday’s post might have weirded out some of you but I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately. You know what? I feel great!! I stayed up into the early hours of today discussing with my wife, plus a few phone calls to friends and family, on how to combat the various […]

Oh Random Roundup »

Cantimpalo & Ham 1 Well my plans to update the design of this site and a few other things have been squashed for the past three weeks due to my ISP screwing over all of its customers down here with connection speeds slightly better than what I had with Compuserve back in ’93. So while I’m sitting here flushing money down my crapper because I can’t really work and waiting for the new ISP to connect–already a week late, you’ll just have to put up with my foul mood.

Penguinland and another little roundup »

There I was, this past Sunday, in the process of laying out about 5kg of meat when, POW (plus a few clinks), the rack started to list at 30 degrees to port. A bolt that clamped a chain/clamp assembly to the winch appeared loose. After frantic attempts to tighten the bolt, while preventing my arm […]

Coming Late »

Just popping in to give a heads up to those looking for round wooden plates. Ignacio was nice enough to drop a comment with a link to a Mercado Libre seller. (thanks for that!) Looking at the description and comments, I take it that the seller will ship to pretty much anywhere. In other […]

Coming Soon »

…enough with the fancy pants “steak” cuts

Don’t Worry Grill, I’m Back »

If anyone out there still reads this site, we’ve spent the past three weeks visiting and vacationing with various family members. Time goes too fast and eventually one has to get back into the ‘ol routine. Sucks. Too bad. Oh well. I was able to clear my head a bit and am quite inspired to […]

ATTN: Users »

******** Update: Ok, after consulting with Dave, the creator of Spam Karma, everything should be fine now after resetting a few things. This was all due to my major screwup while upgrading WordPress recently. Basically, I should have called the electrician at the time instead of shoving a screwdriver into the electrical outlet to see […]