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All Things Argentina »

In case you didn’t know, Google has a nifty custom search engine beta going on that anyone can use. Basically you can create your own little search engine that focuses on topics or specific sites that you like. It’s very cool. Anyway, every day I perform various searches related to Argentina and after a while […]

Ooops – Site Update »

If anyone tried to post a comment since yesterday and it hasn’t appeared yet, please try again. Sighhhhh….what a day The sh*t hit the fan on upgrading to the latest version of WordPress. Lessons learned… 1. Make sure you are paying attention. 2. When they say turn off all plugins before upgrading, turn off ALL […]

A Couple Updates »

Nothing major, but if anyone was dying with anticipation to see a photo of a piece of quebracho wood I wrote about, you can view it here. Also, I was able to acquire some of Beagle’s India Pale Ale and added a review on the post here. These guys must be boosting their production or […]

Cultural Imperialism, Here I Come! »

My contraption is complete. The plan is set. In a few years, asados with their chorizos, achuras, provoleta, roasted vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, along with a little bit of salad will be distant memories. Only to be remembered by the viewing of grainy photographs exhibited throughout the top museums of the world. Yes my […]

The About page is up »

Finally got around to putting up an “about” page. Upper left under the logo below the home page link. Probably reads like a !@#!ing 6th grade book report, like the rest of what I write, but at least its something. I’ll add some more stuff to it now and then but until that time….here you […]

To The New Year »

Wow, 2006 went by really fast! I hate when time just flies away. We decided to take an excursion out to Cabo San Pablo for New Years Day. The weather was beautiful and I think everyone was out in the countryside having a picnic, asado, or just drinking some mate in the sun while enjoying […]

A bit behind »

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been pretty busy with other projects and due to spur of the moment asados (that’s the way of life 🙂 ) with meats that I’ve already covered I haven’t been able to cook the meats I’ll be covering next. Plus I need to photograph a few other items […]

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Before sending a message please read the following: If you have a question, please read the FAQ section “Hey, I think our sites would compliment each other! I’ll link to your site if you feel the same!” If you feel this site is relevant to your visitors then link to it. Oh, it’s only relevant […]

Pictures Being Added »

This site has been looking a little dull on the design side. I’ve added a Flickr image box to the sidebar on the right. I’ll also start inserting some images into the posts. Can’t have a food site without pictures. right? You’ll be able to find all pictures related to this site located in this […]