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Sesame Chicken & Watermelon »

Chicken & Watermelon This was pulled from a free Costco recipe book I picked up in the States a couple months back. Not a bad looking book I must say. A mixture of twists on simple classics from around the world to fare that one might find in many of today’s bestselling cookbooks of U.S. celebrity chefs.

Being Economical »

I’m a chile head. No I’m not infatuated with the country, I’m addicted to the hot stuff. I don’t care how much work someone puts into an elaborate dish, chopped chiles, chile powder, or hot sauce are going on top. If none of that is on hand, I start wigging out. When the only available […]

Trout, Salmon, & Crab Cakes »

Well the fish are winning by 2 points, as you can see on the scoreboard in the right column, but we’re still early in the game. Another match is scheduled for today and it looks like the wind is in my favor. Anyway, a couple of days ago, someone dropped off two frozen competitors–one trout […]

Pseudo Sriracha-Chipotle Chili Paste »

Note: Just in case you don’t fully read through this post and come to conclusions, what I’m about to talk about has nothing to do with cuisine in Argentina. One market that I frequent had a huge crate of ripe red jalapeños and, when I saw them, I instantly knew some sort of chipotle experiment […]

Chile Relleno »

Note: The following article focuses mainly on cuisine outside of Argentina I almost missed them. If it were not for one last glance around the produce section they probably would have been purchased by others, more out of curiosity than extreme craving. Or maybe these shiny objects would have just rotted away on the shelf […]

Ensalada De Centolla – King Crab Salad »

I’ll cover centolla in more detail another day, but for now, so you know a little, it is like the Southern counterpart of Alaskan King Crab. Huge suckers that love cold water. The meat, sweet and succulent, is perfect on its own or in a variety of dishes. The problem is, like so many other […]

There Goes My Pizzeria Dreams »

Yeah, I always wanted to own a pizzeria too. Guess I’ll have to build a chain. NYMag has a tiny piece on the profits and revenue for Nina’s Argentinian Pizzeria in New York (Hat tip to SliceNY) “Annual Revenue: $186,000 ($18,000 is profit). ” Well, at least I can play pizzeria owner and buy that […]

Cookies, Cookies, And Cookies »

One usually associates an airport with heading out for or returning from a business or pleasure trip, dropping someone off, or picking someone up. Obviously all those things apply to me too but there is also another reason why I like going to the airport. The duty free shop. Actually the whole island is a […]

Southernmost Habanero In The World? »

Today is a day of celebration! You see, I have this habanero plant that has been flowering like you wouldn’t believe for six months but never produced fruits. The weather here is a bit too cold to have it outside so I’ve been trying my luck with it indoors. Proper sunlight throughout the day sucks […]

Queso Azul, Nueces, & Coñac – Blue Cheese, Nuts, & Brandy (or Cognac) »

Here’s another great starter to nibble on while waiting for those guests who have yet to arrive or the meat to be served. This deeply rich and flavorful spread is absolutely fantastic with thin slices of crusty bread; toasted or not. Blue cheese, nuts, and brandy. That’s it. Now before I go further I feel […]