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Veal Sweetbreads – Mollejas De Ternera »

Veal Sweetbreads - Mollejas De Ternera I finally got my hands on veal sweetbreads from a place is called, “we have to see you as a good customer before you gain access to certain things.” Just kidding, it probably came down to having bad luck on timing or other unforeseen causes. Or not? Most of the people I know say that this is the place to score but, I have always received a polite “no” or ramblings from the butchers about how the ranchers overslept or something. But ever so often, I hear from these same people, who recommend the place, “We had some great mollejas over the weekend, you should have picked some up.” “I tried looking last week but they didn’t have any.” “Oh, but you have to go around this time of the week,” they say. Yeah, well they never seem to have any when I go on those days. Since sweetbreads seem like a hot commodity it was probably bad timing. However, maybe the butchers remember me as the guy who only pops in to ask if the velvety thymus glands are in stock but doesn’t buy anything else. He’s probably loyal to another butcher shop. I’ll just have to start buying their goods to see if that turns things around. Anyway, a friend who is a frequent customer of theirs dropped off four pounds this past weekend while picking up some for himself.

Lamb Sweetbreads – Mollejas De Cordero »

I’m not a big fan of offal. If you are familiar with Argentinean asado then you know that achuras(offal) are the prized favorites. Since I just stated that I’m not a fan, you are probably wondering why the heck I’m managing this site and waxing the methods of Argentinean barbecue. Well, I’ll eat it and […]