ATTN: Users


Ok, after consulting with Dave, the creator of Spam Karma, everything should be fine now after resetting a few things. This was all due to my major screwup while upgrading WordPress recently. Basically, I should have called the electrician at the time instead of shoving a screwdriver into the electrical outlet to see if I could fix it myself. Everything looked fine on the surface but I short-circuited a few wires. Read that as do not attempt to rebuild tables in MYSQL yourself when you do not know what you’re dealing with. Anyway, if anyone has a problem commenting in the future please let me know. And do give Spam Karma a try if you use WordPress and have a spam problem.


My Skynet version of anti-spam comment blocking has been wrongly nuking some comments from those who enter blogs into the url field. Some babies may have been thrown out with the bath water because of the recent upgrade or my mass deleting (I get spamed a lot). If your comment didn’t appear please let me know. I’ve relaxed the rules a bit but if your comment does not appear immediately after posting please let me know here. Just in case I miss it.

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