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Well the week is almost over–heh, like time exists when you work at home–and I wasted part of today thinking that I should at least get something up to keep the growth of this site moving along. I think trees grow faster….but anyway, guess what? I’m going to shove another un-sponsored product in your face. […]

A Couple Updates »

Nothing major, but if anyone was dying with anticipation to see a photo of a piece of quebracho wood I wrote about, you can view it here. Also, I was able to acquire some of Beagle’s India Pale Ale and added a review on the post here. These guys must be boosting their production or […]

Cabaña las Lilas: *DO NOT* Hop On A Plane To Try? »

A while back, I wrote a small post about an article in the New York Times titled, “An Epicurean Pilgrimage: Meals Worth the Price of a Plane Ticket“. Basically, the piece is about various restaurants around the world that serve up such superb food that the plane ticket prices are justified. The restaurant in Argentina’s […]

Cerveza Beagle »

Located in the mountainous seaside city of Ushuaia, Cerveza Beagle has been producing artisanal craft beer for, um, some time–I can’t find their founding date anywhere. In case you didn’t know, Beagle was the name of the famous ship, HMS Beagle, which sailed around the southern part of South America and performed a variety scientific […]

Wooden Steak Plates – Asadoware »

Wooden plates are the perfect ware for grilled meats. Rustic-style simplicity at its best. If the wood itself doesn’t absorb those wildly flowing juices that might otherwise create an unwanted broth pool for your chunk of meat to swim in, the surrounding moat will act as a second line of defense. Not that those juices […]

Quebracho Blanco – White Quebracho »

Pick up a piece of charcoal from Argentina, particularly the lump kind, and there is a good chance you’ll find yourself holding a piece of carbonized white quebracho. Sure other woods are used for charcoal, such as algarrobo (carob tree) and quebracho rojo, but quebracho blanco is probably the most popular. Indigenous to the northern […]

Barbecue: Smoked Pork Shoulder – Barbacoa: Bondiola Ahumada »

Note: The following article focuses mainly on cuisine outside of Argentina (No, that isn’t a burned and charred mess. That is known as the bark or crust which is basically caramelized sugars from the meat and rub(seasoning.) Although it looks burnt, the bark is actually kind of sticky and chewy with no resemblance to charred […]

Cultural Imperialism, Here I Come! »

My contraption is complete. The plan is set. In a few years, asados with their chorizos, achuras, provoleta, roasted vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, along with a little bit of salad will be distant memories. Only to be remembered by the viewing of grainy photographs exhibited throughout the top museums of the world. Yes my […]

Chile Relleno »

Note: The following article focuses mainly on cuisine outside of Argentina I almost missed them. If it were not for one last glance around the produce section they probably would have been purchased by others, more out of curiosity than extreme craving. Or maybe these shiny objects would have just rotted away on the shelf […]

Ensalada De Centolla – King Crab Salad »

I’ll cover centolla in more detail another day, but for now, so you know a little, it is like the Southern counterpart of Alaskan King Crab. Huge suckers that love cold water. The meat, sweet and succulent, is perfect on its own or in a variety of dishes. The problem is, like so many other […]