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Great News But Sad News? »

April Fools!!! Yesterday’s post might have weirded out some of you but I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately. You know what? I feel great!! I stayed up into the early hours of today discussing with my wife, plus a few phone calls to friends and family, on how to combat the various […]

Solving A Problem »

April Fools!!! All of these global farming issues and rising food prices have been on my mind a lot lately. We, as people of this planet, need to come to terms with what is at stake in the future. This troubles me to say the following, heh, I mean look at the general topic of […]

Oh Random Roundup »

Cantimpalo & Ham 1 Well my plans to update the design of this site and a few other things have been squashed for the past three weeks due to my ISP screwing over all of its customers down here with connection speeds slightly better than what I had with Compuserve back in ’93. So while I’m sitting here flushing money down my crapper because I can’t really work and waiting for the new ISP to connect–already a week late, you’ll just have to put up with my foul mood.

Once Again The NY Times Rewrites Old News »

On March 16, the New York Times published a piece titled “Argentine Nights” by Denny Lee that pretty much hit the cliche bullseye on Buenos Aires mainstream media topics such as tango, expats, arts, music, restaurants, and hotels. While skimming through paragraph after paragraph, I asked myself: haven’t I read this before?. Something about how […]

Desde El Correo: Cook’s Corner Recipe: Chimichurri Sauce »

After an unsuccessful attempt of asking an Argentinean restaurant to reveal their secret chimichurri sauce recipe, Linda Cicero of the Miami Herald turned to her friend Belen for a version that is probably much better. You can view the recipe that Linda came across here. One that uses the boiling water method, a common method […]

From The Past: Across The Cordillera Of The Andes… »

This week’s “from the past” brings you a piece from… “Across The Cordillera Of The Andes, And Of A Residence In Lima, Other Parts Of Peru, In The Years 1823 And 1824” by Robert Proctor, Esq.; Published in 1825. On inquiring what could be had for supper, I found that a sheep had been killed, […]

Desde El Correo: Pizza Zero »

(I have a few news alerts set up with keywords related to the topics I write about here. This section will cover anything I find interesting which may, or may not, interest anyone who visits Asado Argentina.) The Washingtonian posted a brief interview today with Gonzalo Di Laudo, the creator/partner of Pizza Zero in Bethesda, […]

From The Past: A Mining Journey Across the Great Andes »

This week’s “from the past” brings you a piece from… “A Mining Journey Across the Great Andes; With Explorations In The Silver Mining Districts Of The Provinces Of San Juan And Menzona, And A Journey Across The Pampas To Buenos Ayres” by Francis Ignacio Rickard; Published in 1863 Having unloaded the mules, and given them […]

Finding Good Beef »

For those in the U.S. and Canada looking for humanely-treated bovine products from start to finish and grass-fed beef, I found this great resource via Serious Eats via The Kitchn’s Good Beef: How to Find Local Meat. Eatwild Directory of Farms has an extensive list of farms that is, according to them, “the most comprehensive […]

Ajies En Vinagre – Peppers in Vinegar or, um, Pickled Sweet Banana (Hungarian) Peppers »

Ajies En Vinagre - Pickled Banana Peppers Wondering why banana, HĂșngaro, or some other name isn’t getting comfy between ajies and en in “ajies en vinagre”? Well, so am I. In fact, I wonder about this every single time I walk into a grocery store. Although improving, there is still widespread use of generic naming conventions throughout the food industry in Argentina. Sometimes our sour infused friends do not receive the descriptive “en vinagre,” just ajies.