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From The Past: Modern Argentina, the El Dorado of to-day »

(After snagging an edition of “Carpenter’s World Travels: The Tail of the Hemisphere – Chile & Argentina” by Frank G. Carpenter (You can view a photo from it here), I’ve developed an interest in how Argentina was viewed, in the days of old, by travelers, journalists, and writers. Particularly on the subject of asado and […]

Asadores (Those Roasting Crosses) Measurements »

A few inquiries have landed landed in the inbox recently about specs or where to buy those crosses(asadores) that one can can use to roast a whole lamb, suckling pig, or ribs. I’ll cover the topic of cooking with one in detail at some point, but for now, here is a little info for those […]

Empanadas Arabes »

Empanadas Arabes Arab empanadas, also known as fatay in Argentina. (Origins? Yes I know about sambusac) These flavorful treats hardly resemble their more famous half-moon shaped cousins, nor do they receive even a fraction of exposure. Quite a few pizza joints in Tierra Del Fuego bake them up but one place in particular, Expo Pizza in Rio Grande, does them really well (pictured).

Sesame Chicken & Watermelon »

Chicken & Watermelon This was pulled from a free Costco recipe book I picked up in the States a couple months back. Not a bad looking book I must say. A mixture of twists on simple classics from around the world to fare that one might find in many of today’s bestselling cookbooks of U.S. celebrity chefs.

Asadito In Chile »

Ernesto, a reader here from Chile, has kindly passed along a few photos to share from a couple little asados he threw down last December. That juicy chunk of meat is from a cut called lomo vetado and, according to Ernesto, is one of the top preferred cuts in Chile. In Argentina it is known […]

Penguinland and another little roundup »

There I was, this past Sunday, in the process of laying out about 5kg of meat when, POW (plus a few clinks), the rack started to list at 30 degrees to port. A bolt that clamped a chain/clamp assembly to the winch appeared loose. After frantic attempts to tighten the bolt, while preventing my arm […]

Elusive Street Food »

When one mentions street food, my mind immediately conjures up an overload of mouth watering images. Street vendors in China tossing noodles up and around in a flame spewing wok. Fresh fish tacos at a beach in Cabo. Lassi ladled into cups in India. I have never been to two of those locations, mind you, […]

Asado In The Campo »

Check out this post with spectacular photos of a good ‘ol family asado in the campo. Nothing better than reading about someone’s meat overload while visiting Argentina. I mean true asado-style, not restaurant-style. This photo, that I love dearly, speaks more than a thousand words. Although he might have been thinking of something else, I […]

Sal – Salt »

In Argentina, refined rock salt is available in three different sizes: sal fina(fine salt), sal entrefina(semi-fine/half-refined salt), or sal gruesa(coarse salt). Kosher and harvested sea salt, in case you were wondering, are moving along at a snail’s pace in terms of rising popularity and use.

Discover Argentina At An Omni Hotel »

I was tipped off to some interesting options that are currently available at select Omni hotels in the U.S. Headlined as “Sumptuous Flavors of Argentina“, this Argentinean-designated experience allows diners and guests a chance to indulge themselves into a mixture of both traditional and modern cuisine. If you want more than a meal, you can […]