Being Economical

Hot Sauce

I’m a chile head. No I’m not infatuated with the country, I’m addicted to the hot stuff. I don’t care how much work someone puts into an elaborate dish, chopped chiles, chile powder, or hot sauce are going on top. If none of that is on hand, I start wigging out.

When the only available hot sauces are Tabasco brand and mediocre domestic brands that hardly tickle the tongue, certain measures need to be taken. When you go through two or three 2oz. bottles of Tabasco a week and the price of each bottle jumps from 9 pesos ($3 USD) to 15 pesos ($5 USD), drastic measures need to be taken.

Tabasco holds a big place in my heart. I love the flavors of their products but none of them pack much heat except for the habanero one–which is not available in my area. So to counter that, I’ll have various hotter sauces mailed in. But they don’t last long and the shipping is way too expensive to keep my pantry stocked at all times. When those ran out, I would fall back on the Tabasco. When Tabasco hit 15 pesos per bottle, I realized that I had a problem on my hands in regards to feeding my addiction. How could I maintain my junkie behavior at a lower cost? I bet those guys who moved from cocaine to crack thought the same thing.

Extract-loaded sauces. Just like crack to cocaine, more punch for the buck.

Let me tell you, the tides have been turned. With a little creative mixing, a $6 dollar ($18 ARS) bottle of extract-loaded sauce keeps me happy for months instead of paying more than that for a week’s high.

A bottle of Black Widow and those pictured above should keep me going through a good part of 2008.

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