Coming Late

Just popping in to give a heads up to those looking for round wooden plates. Ignacio was nice enough to drop a comment with a link to a Mercado Libre seller. (thanks for that!)

Looking at the description and comments, I take it that the seller will ship to pretty much anywhere.

In other news, my connection has been horrible this week with total outage on Wednesday and part of Thursday. Someone in-the-know told me that the ISP gods up north literally don’t give a flying @$!# about us islanders. I honestly don’t know why because the demand is definitely here–there’s actually a waiting list with the competitor Speedy–which really isn’t a better option but oh well(they offer up to 2 megs too). Maybe, like many others, they think 100 people reside here and we all rub seal fat on our skins and eat whale meat, when in fact this city alone has almost 70,000 people. The GDP per capita, puts this province at something like #2, right below Buenos Aires city–alright, that doesn’t mean much but why not toss it out there.

Anyway, all of this has put me in a sour mood and if you think my writing already sucks, you don’t want to see anything new at this moment. Since the weather has been great, I figured fishing would be the best next option to fill my time since I can’t get any real work done. Well, I haven’t caught a damn thing this season and that’s putting me down even more.

So it’s time to put all of that aside and enjoy the coming holiday. If I’m not around until then, Merry Xmas!, happy holidays, or have a nice Monday/Tuesday if you are just going to go about your daily life as usual.

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