Cookies, Cookies, And Cookies

One usually associates an airport with heading out for or returning from a business or pleasure trip, dropping someone off, or picking someone up. Obviously all those things apply to me too but there is also another reason why I like going to the airport. The duty free shop. Actually the whole island is a duty free shop because we don’t have to pay the 21% IVA (value added tax) that breaks everyone else’s wallet around the country. You’ll find various self-proclaimed “free shops” all over the cities, but sometimes that doesn’t necessarily mean the prices will reflect that aspect.

The reason why I like this particular duty free at the airport is simply because they sell some of my favorite cookies that I guess are not currently sold in any other store around town. That in itself may not be a bad thing. You see, only one commercial flight arrives/departs per day and only around that time is the duty free open. The current arrival/departure time window is about 1 a.m to 3 a.m. Quite a ridiculous time for driving to the airport to buy cookies unless of course you have another reason to head that way-see above. Anyway, it is quite a treat to have an excuse to make a trip to the airport in order to purchase these delicious snacks to nourish my sometime sweet tooth cravings. Otherwise, I’d need to start a serious weight loss regimen or diet plan.

So just which cookies am I talking about? Those from Sugar & Spice of course. These are, hands down, the best store-bought packaged gourmet cookies that I’ve ever had here in Argentina and from what little memory I have, better than many I’ve had back in the U.S. I’m not much of a bakery shopper but for those few bakeries that I do frequent, these even blow their supposedly fresh cookies out of the water. And unlike Sugar & Spice, they don’t even do chocolate chip, just some type of sugar cookies that crumble into dust upon the first bite. Now just so you know, Sugar & Spice cookies are NOT loaded with trans fat to give them that chewy freshness in order to appear as homemade cookies like other brands out there. No, these are crispy, crunchy, and have a fantastic natural flavor. Also, they don’t skimp on added ingredients like nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate.



When I first bit into one of these I thought a visit to the dentist might be in order. Ok, that was a bit of an exaggeration but I did need to apply quite a few extra PSI to the action of my jaw compared to other biscottis out there. But then I remembered that these are made for dipping into liquids. A quick cup of coffee was brewed and the dunking process began. I’m very cautious when submerging any kind of bread item into coffee due to the dissolving effect. But lemme tell ya, these biscotti held up and there was still plenty of crunch leftover.

Chocolate Chip & Chocolate Cookies With White Chocolate Crunch

Typically when packaged cookies contain chocolate chunks those huge pieces of cocoa goodness end up being either dry and powdery or super dense. The chunks in these cookies melt in your mouth like taking a bite into a freshly opened chocolate bar. Out of all the cookies Sugar & Spice sells, these are my favorite.


The owner, Frank, has a good write up on his blog about Cantucci and Biscotti. Cantucci is somewhat similar to biscotti, yet the former is somewhat smaller and much softer. While there are three different types of cantucci offered, I have only been able to try the chocolate & hazelnut blend. Delicious with a deep buttery flavor.

Fudge Brownie

I have yet to see these stocked in the duty free but hopefully I can give them a try one day.

Sugar & Spice also offers a line of savory items with flavors such as pizza, parmesan, and a few others but I have yet to try them.

If you are ever in Buenos Aires, where they are much easier to find in various gourmet/specialty shops and cafes, give them a try.

Note: This is NOT an advertisement or paid/requested review.

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