Cultural Imperialism, Here I Come!

My contraption is complete. The plan is set. In a few years, asados with their chorizos, achuras, provoleta, roasted vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, along with a little bit of salad will be distant memories. Only to be remembered by the viewing of grainy photographs exhibited throughout the top museums of the world. Yes my friends, soon the people of Argentina will be devouring pork shoulder, brisket, cole slaw, and baked beans. Instead of seeking out a big juicy bife de chorizo with a bottle of malbec, tourists visiting Buenos Aires will have to ask themselves whether they want chopped pork or pulled.

Alright, before some OG (original gaucho) does a drive-by on his horse and digs his facón into my belly, let me say that I am joking. Yes, I Am Joking.

But let me say this. A new grill has been welcomed into the family and has already produced tender smoky chunks of meaty heaven. Fear not my friends for this will not detract me from my main mission here. However, expect to see how some of the great cuts of Argentinean meat fare with my new found friend.

…in other news…

The “other” parrilla has been cold these past few weeks for a variety of reasons(work stuff, oh and that pork shoulder I smoked… mmm mmm), but hopefully I’ll get something fresh cranked out here soon.

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