Argentinean English Alt. Name Cuts Notes
Asado 10 Costillas Plate, 10 Ribs Beef Ribs    
Asado con Vacio Plate, Flank-In 13 Ribs Beef Ribs with Flank    
Bife Ancho con Hueso 4 Costillas Fore Ribs Pribe Rib / Standing Rib Roast Rib Eye  
Bife Angosto y Ancho con Lomo 8 Costillas Short Loin, 8 Ribs   Fore Ribs, Striploin, Tenderloin / Prime Rib / Standing Rib Roast  
Garrón / Brazuelo con Hueso / Osobuco Shin / Shank Bone In Cross-cut Shanks / Ossobuco    


Argentinean English Alt. Name Cuts Notes
Aguja Chuck   Chuck Eye Steak, Chuck Shoulder  
Aguja con Cogote Chuck and Neck      
Bife Ancho con Tapa 7 Costillas Spencer Roll 7 Ribs (au)/ Boneless Rib Roast   Rib Eye  
Bife Ancho sin Tapa 4-7 Costillas Cube Roll (au)/ Rib Eye Roll Rib Eye Roast    
Brazuelo* Shin      
Centro de Paleta Heart of Shoulder Clod Clod Heart / Shoulder Center    
Chingolo* Chuck Tender      
Cojote Neck      
Falda Navel Brisket   Brisket from the 7-10 ribs.
Marucha sin Hueso* Oyster Blade (au)/ Flat Iron Steak      
Marucha con Hueso 7 Bone Roast      
Matambre Rose     Muscle name: Cutaneous Trunci
Paleta Shoulder / Blade      
Paleta con Marucha Shoulder Clod      
Pecho 10 Costillas Whole Brisket 10 Ribs      
Pecho 10 Costillas sin Tapa* Brisket 10 Ribs, whole, cap off     Excess fat removed.
Pecho 6 Costillas Brisket 6 Ribs, whole      
Pecho 6 Costillas sin Tapa* Brisket 6 Ribs, whole, cap off     Excess fat removed.
Tapa de Aguja (Asado de Carnicero) Chuck Cover (ca) / Bottom Blade     Scapular region, in the medial side of the blade bone.
Tapa de Bife Ancho Rib Eye Cap      


Argentinean English Alt. Name Cuts Notes
Bananita Shank     Posterior part of shank.
Bife Angosto con Cordón Striploin, fat cap on   Strip steaks, club steak, Delmonico steak, Part of Rib and Short Loin
Bife Angosto sin Cordón* Striploin, fat cap off     Short Loin and part of Rib loin
Bife de Bola de Lomo Knuckle     Tri-tip steak that forms bottom part of knuckle
Bife de Vacio Flank Steak      
Bola de Lomo Whole Knuckle      
Bola de Lomo sin Tapa Knuckle, trimmed, whole, cap off      
Carnaza de Cola o Cuadrada* Outside Round      
Colita de Cuadril Tri-Tip      
Cuadril Rump      
Cuadril sin Tapa Rump, cap off      
Entraña Fina* Thin Skirt      
Garrón* Whole Shank      
Lomo* Tenderloin   Filet, Chateaubriand  
Medallón de Bola de Lomo Knuckle Eye Medallions     Central part of the whole knuckle
Medialuna de Vacio o Arañita* Flap Meat      
Nalga de Adentro Top Round (Inside), untrimmed Top Round (inside) / Topside Inside    
Nalga de Adentro sin Tapa Bottom Round, cap off      
Nalga de Afuera Bottom Round      
Peceto Eye of Round Eyeround    
Tapa de Bola de Lomo Knuckle Cap     Small tri-tip shape steak from the top of the knuckl.e
Tapa de Cuadril Rump Cap / Rump Cover Picanha   This is the steak that is skewered in a "U" shape at Brazilian steakhouses.
Tapa de Nalga Top Round Cap      
Tortuguita Heel of Round Heel Muscle    
Vacio Flank      


Argentinean English Alt. Name Cuts Notes
Bonete - Redecilla Honeycomb - Reticulum      
Chinchulines Thin Bowels      
Corazón Heart      
Cuajo Rennet      
Entraña Gruesa Thick Skirt / Hanger Steak      
Higado Liver      
Librillo Bible      
Mojellas Sweetbreads     Thymus gland
Mondongo Tripe      
Nuez de Quijada Jowl Nuts      
Rabo Tail      
Riñón Kidney      
Sesos Brains      
Tendons Tendones      
Tongue Lengua      

* These cuts are offered either trimmed or untrimmed of any outer fat, silverskin, membranes, and tissue. The trimmed versions may have "al rojo" appended to the name, meaning that the cut is all red in color.