Desde El Correo: Pizza Zero

(I have a few news alerts set up with keywords related to the topics I write about here. This section will cover anything I find interesting which may, or may not, interest anyone who visits Asado Argentina.)

The Washingtonian posted a brief interview today with Gonzalo Di Laudo, the creator/partner of Pizza Zero in Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A. Gonzalo Di Laudo moved up to the States from Argentina five years ago and after mixing a few drinks at his uncle’s restaurant, Divino Lounge, Gonzalo decided to show the locals his love for Argentinean-style pizza. His favorite pizza topping is Argentinean sausage(chorizo) and chimichurri sauce which just happens to be Pizza Zero’s best-selling pizza, the Porteña. You can view their extensive list of specialty pizzas here.

Drop a comment if you’ve ever tried Pizza Zero

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