Desde El Correo: Pizza Zero

(I have a few news alerts set up with keywords related to the topics I write about here. This section will cover anything I find interesting which may, or may not, interest anyone who visits Asado Argentina.)

The Washingtonian posted a brief interview today with Gonzalo Di Laudo, the creator/partner of Pizza Zero in Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A. Gonzalo Di Laudo moved up to the States from Argentina five years ago and after mixing a few drinks at his uncle’s restaurant, Divino Lounge, Gonzalo decided to show the locals his love for Argentinean-style pizza. His favorite pizza topping is Argentinean sausage(chorizo) and chimichurri sauce which just happens to be Pizza Zero’s best-selling pizza, the Porteña. You can view their extensive list of specialty pizzas here.

Drop a comment if you’ve ever tried Pizza Zero

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3 Comment(s)

  1. Footie fan that I am, I am heading on down to DC to watch DC United against a Jamaican club at RFK later this month. I take the Metro rail all the time, and it looks like the trip to Pizza Zero will be a cinch! I’ve been looking through the site, and it looks like they have an amazing list of choices for both pizza and appetizers.

    A couple things I’m curious about, though. I missed where the webmaster might have said how big the pizzas are. I need to ask about it. Not sure if there’s one traditional size in Argentina.

    Also, you might know, are eggs a traditional pizza topping down in ARG? I know it’s famous as an Australian pizza topping.

    Thanks for what’ll likely be an awesome find!

    Cory | Feb 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hey Cory,

    Be sure to let me know how it goes! Their menu is a blend of traditional Argentinean pizza and the newer “gourmet” establishment. Though jalapeños still have a very long road ahead of them so there is a little dash of catering to the crowd up there.

    Listing pies by actual size(cm or in.) is not common at all from what I’ve seen. (I haven’t been to Buenos Aires for pizza in a while so maybe that’s changed with the influx of mass tourism) Just like in the U.S. where a large may be 14-inches or 16-inches (or more), for example, not all sizes are equal in Argentina. I’ve never pulled out a tape measure here but I’d say many larges are around 14-inches. Just depends on the place and how they cook their pizza. As for available size options, most offer at least large and small and them some include individual and medium.

    Check out Saltshaker for various pics and reviews of pizza places in Buenos Aires. He often remarks on whether or not the pizza is too small or quite large compared to its labeled size.

    Asado Argentina | Mar 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. hi,Cory! Eggs are not used for traditional pizza toppings. However at El Cuartito, in Talcahuano street (you can search for it in some time ago they served a pizza covered with lots of raw minced garlic and a raw egg yolk on top of the pizza.
    Perhaps at La Banderita, at 3300 Cuba st. they are still making a pizza with slices of matambre and chopped hard boiled eggs.
    Have luck!

    schussheim | Aug 16, 2008 | Reply

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