Cabaña las Lilas: *DO NOT* Hop On A Plane To Try?

A while back, I wrote a small post about an article in the New York Times titled, “An Epicurean Pilgrimage: Meals Worth the Price of a Plane Ticket“. Basically, the piece is about various restaurants around the world that serve up such superb food that the plane ticket prices are justified. The restaurant in Argentina’s case, Cabaña Las Lilas, is listed in all sorts of travel literature as well. I still have never dined there, and probably never will due to what I’m about to say, but a couple people commented in my previous post that the restaurant is truly overrated.

I came across a recent article today on a local foodie project/site, El Cuerpo De Cristo, that brought extreme horror to my eyes. I freaked out so much that the wallpaper we plan on tearing down in one room of the house almost got to a good start. Check out the picture of Cabaña Las Lilas’ tira de asado here and take a gander at the price too. Not only is the price horrible, but those two pieces of meat are an abomination! Those look like the two pieces of Kal bi I would order at a small Korean restaurant for $6 dollars-that included rice. 57 pesos for something that looks as thin and dry as a McDonald’s hamburger patty, wtf.

Tira de asado (aka asado de tira), is probably “the” cut of meat in Argentina that truly tells you whether or not the asador has their !#&% together. Now I’m not blaming the guy who cooked this mind you, obviously someone higher up gave the order to skimp on portions.

Listen here folks, if that is how they serve a tira de asado, rip out the page of your guide book that labels this tourist trap of a restaurant as “The Best Steak House In Argentina.” Better yet, just drop the whole book off at a recycling center because all of their other information must be incorrect as well. After you’ve done that, find someone in-the-know to point you in the right direction. Preferably outside the “river walk” theme park known as Puerto Madero.

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