El Asador – The King Of The Grill

The asador is the grill master whose main goal is to ensure that he/she will praised, not ridiculed, for the meats and other foods that is served to the guests of the table. The asador must know the science of maintaining fire and heat. The asador must know the right cuts and quantities of meats to prepare for his guests. While eating, the asador must drop his/her fork and knife at a moments notice to slice some more meat for the portly family member who devours food with amazing speed. For if the asador fails in his/her duties, then the jokes will never end on the poor performance of that special asado day.

But seriously, a lot of special care and attention is needed when preparing an asado. The handling of the coals and heat requires much attention, especially with large cuts of meat that can end up either raw, chewy, or burnt if not cooked properly. When the time comes to begin serving, the asador will have to make constant return trips to the grill for many reasons other than heat management.

Meats, when ready, are usually never plopped on the table for everyone to serve themselves. Nobody wants their second serving to be cold. They are served or sliced to the individual’s preference while the remainder is left on the grill in an area that is warm but will not cook the meat any further. Also, since there is often a course structure with asados, the asador will always have to keep an eye on the meats that will be served at a later time for the feast.

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