Elusive Street Food

When one mentions street food, my mind immediately conjures up an overload of mouth watering images. Street vendors in China tossing noodles up and around in a flame spewing wok. Fresh fish tacos at a beach in Cabo. Lassi ladled into cups in India. I have never been to two of those locations, mind you, but I’ve seen enough blogs, books, and travel shows to at least live the experience virtually. Though, the real deal would be so much better.

In Argentina, from various fairs to main avenues to sidewalks along the Rio De La Plata, I’ve seen and sampled some of the best. Things like empanadas, garrapiñadas, locro, choripan, pastelitos, chipas and a few others that I can’t recall from the shallow depths of my brain.

Could someone be so kind and tell me where I can find street vendors selling bife de chorizo with hearts of palm salad that is said to be a staple dish of Argentinean street food? Thanks!

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