Asadoargentina.com currently does not sell, export, import, or distribute any products.

Why is there no post about _______? That is so popular in Argentina!

This site is a work-in-progress and there are so many topics left to cover. I hope to cover them eventually. However, keep these questions coming in case I miss something.

I live in [city, state/province, country], do you know where I can buy Argentinean meat or specific cuts of beef?

Unfortunately, I do not have a global directory of meat distributors or shops that carry Argentinean meat at my fingertips. Nor do I know exactly which locations around the world allow the importation and distribution fresh meat from Argentina.

Do you know where I could buy [Argentinean food product] online or in a store in the U.S.?

That is not something I keep track of, sorry. I do know of one site that sells a variety of food products from Argentina – Amigofoods.com

How can I buy or build a parrilla or those vertical spit contraptions in the U.S. ?

Although I assume that some distributors of such products exist in the U.S., their online presence is practically non-existent or difficult to find. One business, Designer Barbecues, in Miami, Florida, sells parrillas and you can try contacting them. Their website is parrillasargentina.com. Another option would be to contact an Argentinean parrilla restaurant in the U.S. to see if they can offer you any tips or contacts.

If you are looking for DIY guides on constructing parrillas you can find these books on Amazon. Please note that they are in Spanish with rudimentary plans at most.

Como Construir Parrillas / How to construct Grills:

Parrillas, Quinchos y Chimeneaas

Hogares,parrillas y quinchos argentinos You can buy this one as an e-book PDF file.

I will update this section when new information comes my way.

Can I advertise on your site?

Although I am happy with the current setup, I am open for discussion if your goods or services may benefit the visitors of this site. Offers for paid text links will be ignored.

Where is my comment?

The commenting system is currently setup so that your comments will appear immediately after posting. If your comment does not appear immediately, it may have been flagged by anti-spam software for a variety of reasons. If your comment does not appear within one day, send me a message through the contact form. If I find your comment useless to the content and visitors of this site it will be deleted.

Why didn’t you reply to my comment?

Whether they be positive comments or comments that point out the error or my ways, I appreciate the time you have taken to make known your thoughts about the content I have created. I make a great effort to read every comment posted to this site. However, I feel some comments do not necessitate a reply on my part so don’t take that as me ignoring you. Also, on occasion, a few comments may unintentionally slip past my attention on any given day or week. Please understand that Asadoargentina.com is not the only web site that I run and that I have to dig through numerous e-mail accounts each day. If your question goes unnoticed for a few days or you feel the need for a reply for whatever reason, please send me a message through the contact form.

Did you get my message through the contact form?

If you have not received a reply within 5 days, send another message through the contact form or send a message to info at asadoargentina.com. Although I usually check my mail on weekends, wait until Monday for a reply. Also, make sure to add asadoargentina.com to the “allow domain” list of your email program to prevent any false flags from anti-spam software.

Can I use one of your photos?

Please state the full purpose for using a photo and whether or not it will be used for commercial purposes. Regardless of use, at a minimum you will need to co-sign a release form that details terms of use.

Do you want to share links?

If your web site is relevant to the visitors of Asadoargentina.com and vice versa, I am willing to negotiate the sharing of links.

Would you like to review our product or service?

I am open to reviewing any products or services but that does not mean the review will be published in public. If published, a disclaimer will be included with the post.

This FAQ was updated on Feb. 19, 2009

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