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For some of us out there in this world, except for a visit to a farmer’s market or specialty store, we really have no idea where exactly most of the food we purchase or consume comes from. Sure, for some items, we may know which town, county, province, state, country, or region but which exact farm or ranch we often have no clue–unless of course the food is labeled as such. Even then, it may be halfway across the country and thus just a name.

I find it fascinating when many of the local stores and large supermarket chains sell products from farms and ranches that are quite familiar to everyone due to their proximity and prominence. Unless of course these places are some nasty operation that you can smell kilometers (or miles) away. If that’s the case they probably bypass selling to the local market and instead to some large conglomeration. Anyway, there is something special with knowing where your food comes from. Even better when you know the tasty stuff is grown or raised almost right down the street.

There are two places just out of town here that provide absolutely fantastic meat and produce throughout part of the year.

Maria Behety 4

Estancia Maria Behety, that deals mostly in all things sheep, provides rich flavorful lamb, and its offal, to many of the local supermarkets, small meat markets, and restaurants. I wouldn’t be surprised if they they are the primary supplier for each of them.

La Mision 2

La Misión Salesiana De Rio Grande, also just outside of the city, runs an agrotechnical school where young students learn various aspects of agriculture. With that comes an excellent byproduct of all their hard work: food. Now I’m not sure which or how many stores carry the fruits of their labor when available but I do see some items on occasion at one large supermarket chain: chicken, tomatoes, and sweet peppers. All appear and taste very organic. The deep red, vine-ripened, round tomatoes are absolutely delicious and actually smell like tomato plants–unlike most that are available.

I’ll cover some of the history of these two places–and some bad history that happened between the two– one day at my other site Argentina X

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