From The Past: A Mining Journey Across the Great Andes

This week’s “from the past” brings you a piece from…

A Mining Journey Across the Great Andes; With Explorations In The Silver Mining Districts Of The Provinces Of San Juan And Menzona, And A Journey Across The Pampas To Buenos Ayres” by Francis Ignacio Rickard; Published in 1863

Having unloaded the mules, and given them water, my servant made a fire in the yard, and we set about cooking our frugal meal, which consisted of a dish called cazuela, or broth, with meat and vegetables well boiled, and the genuine asado of the Gaucho.

The asado, or roast-beef, requires a practised hand to turn it out with the peculiar, delicious flavour for which it is celebrated among American travellers. It is generally a piece of good beef selected from the ribs, or along the loin; it is well washed, salted, and an asador, or spit, being run through it, is then placed to cook over the half-burnt embers drawn apart from the fire; the extremeties of the spit resting upon two large stones, and being turned occasionally. I must say, that for a piece of “Gaucho” roast-beef, I would most willingly give up the best dish that was ever placed on the table d’hote at the Hotel du Louvre in Paris.

Google Books has the whole book online here.

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