Great News But Sad News?

April Fools!!!

Yesterday’s post might have weirded out some of you but I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately. You know what? I feel great!! I stayed up into the early hours of today discussing with my wife, plus a few phone calls to friends and family, on how to combat the various demons inside of me. What a relief! I feel as if I’ve unbuckled a backpack with a ton of bricks off my shoulders. What’s the great news?

I’M GOING VEGETARIAN!! Seriously! No, really!

Well, at least for a year just to try things out. That’s the time table that we all thought would be appropriate for me figure out where I want to head in life with regards to my overall diet. Strange huh? Now, I’m sure this comes as a disappointment to many of you, that’s an understatement, but I sincerely hope that you understand how important all of this is for me. It’s a personal challenge that I truly need to overcome.

I’m also sure you are wondering what will become of this site, but fear not my friends. All of the previous posts and images will remain. That is the past and there is no need to do away with a wealth of information that could still benefit so many. Also, there are so many tasty vegetables and grains that can be cooked on the parrilla, so perhaps I can sway this site toward a theme of vegetarian asado. Chimichurri is vegetarian so I can continue to post many different versions of those as well.

Now when I see beef shortages and people crying about the high prices of meat I won’t have to shed a tear. Not even one ounce of guilt will enter my mind.

Whew, I feel so good to get this off of my chest. This morning I had an absolutely fantastic wheat germ and goji berry shake. I feel a whole new energy already!

April Fools!!!

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