Helado – Gelato/Ice Cream

Malbec & Fernet and Cola Gelato

At some asados there are desserts that are ready to be pulled from the fridge, freezer, cooler, or trunk of a car. At others, dessert is nowhere to be found until someone shouts, “You guys want helado?” If the general ruling is yes, then a quick phone call is made for delivery or, if that’s not available, a few will make a dash for the nearest shop. Either way, a short while later, gelato or ice cream is ready to be scooped out of styrofoam buckets to fulfill the hearts and minds of all. Along with the standard cones and cups, most shops offer nifty styrofoam coolers from 1/4 kilo size up to 2 kilos. Some even go further. How’s that for getting your helado groove on?

When I recently noticed that my favorite local shop was offering test flavors of malbec and fernet con cola, I just knew I had to dive in. I mean we’re talking two popular asado beverages turned into ice cream. Who could say no? Ok, I know some who would, but what’s the worst that could happen?

Fernet Con Cola

I felt no love for the Fernet. The taste was spot on but Fernet is not something I savor like say a good cognac. I had to force myself a bit after the first few spoonfuls. Too sweet and somewhat bitter. Bitterness was expected, that’s Fernet. The texture, on the other hand, was just all wrong. I have zero experience with making any type of ice cream so I’m not sure what happened in this case. A frozen gooey concoction that came off as a mixture of part custard and part slush beverage. Bad ratio? Bad storage? Bad mixing? Best they could do to bring out Fernet’s flavors? Maybe too much sugar to counteract the bitterness. Who knows. Maybe they should try Fernet Menta or Premium. That all being said, if improved, I could see fernet ice cream served in a small vessel as an interlude for an x-course nouveau-Argentinean dinner.


I’ve heard about wine-flavored ice cream for quite some time but never actually tried any variation of the sort from what I remember. Nor was it something I actively sought out. Only after reading a recent article about malbec gelato in wine club magazine did my hopes of stumbling across this creation rise. Unlike the Fernet, the texture was pure creamy gelato awesomeness. Hit the mark with a slightly sweet, yet tangy, red wine reduction sauce flavor. Malbec for sure. Also, reminded me a bit of raspberry ice cream. Definitely can go back to this.

Finally, to answer your question, these two did not go well together.

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