Introducing Argentina X

I had this domain sitting around and could never really decide what to do with it. I thought about turning it into a travel site from time to time but, meh, the market is too saturated. Consumes too much time and you really need to stay on top of things or it all ends up out of date.

Since I’ve been asked a few times what it’s like down here in the Land of Fire, I decided maybe I should toss up something small and simple. Plus there is too much damn Buenos Aires love going around. Quite a few photos lying around so why not just build something along the lines of a photo blog. And so that’s what I did.

Argentina X

Argentina X

Nothing special. For the most part, I’ll just post photos with, if any, very brief descriptions. Don’t expect history lessons, travel guides, restaurant/hotel reviews, or news/political commentary. But, from time to time I might post a few things about life down here, although, I prefer to use that time for this site.

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