Know of a place that can offer Argentinean cuts of meat?

Let all of us know! I have been thinking about building a directory list of sorts for some time but it has always been on the back burner (just like everything else!). Time to whip something up.

So, if you would be so kind, help your fellow asado lovers out and let us all know where you, your family, or your friends can acquire–or have acquired–Argentinean cuts of meat outside of Argentina. Can be a butcher from Argentina who set up shop in Thailand or a Latin American grocer in the U.S.. Just some place where if you walk in and ask for asado de tira or vacio, they know exactly what you are talking about. Maybe we could go a step further and add any butcher/farm/grocer/purveyor who would be willing to give it a try if given a photo/diagram along with proper muscle names and descriptions.

Leave a comment here or submit the info through the contact form.

Update: You can find the current, yet limited list, here: Find A Butcher. Thanks again to those who have passed along the info!

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