Matambre De Cerdo – Pork Flank Steak

If you love pork or I should say if you really love grilled pork, matambre de cerdo is a definite must on the meats to cook list. This thin cut of meat is basically a pork flank steak. Matambre de cerdo sucks up that smokey flavor from cooking over hot coals like a sponge. For this part I’ll explain how to prepare the meat solo, but there is another fantastic method of cooking it called “a la pizza” that I’ll cover later.

Matambre De Cerdo - Pork Flank Steak Cooked


Whether cooking the meat alone or along with other meats, factor in the usual 1 pound (1/2 kilo) of total meat per person calculation. The meat is most often sold well-trimmed, therefore little needs to be done before cooking.


Before placing on the grill you will need to score the meat with a knife or else the meat will curl while cooking. Lay out the meat on a cutting board and with a sharp knife lightly score both sides in a crosshatch pattern. The meat is very thin so try not cut all way through.

Matambre De Cerdo - Pork Flank Steak - Raw

I like to season with salt right before cooking and I have never had any problem with the meat ending up dry. If you are in the other camp of salting later, well, do as you please. Matambre de cerdo cooks rather quickly therefore you should place it on the grill shortly before everything else is almost ready. Most average-sized pieces take about 20 minutes in total to cook. The area of the grill needs to be quite hot in order to seal in the juices and create a nice golden exterior. Flip the meat when the juices start to flow on the top and the meat starts to take on a whitish color. Once the flipped side toward the grill is golden, remove and serve.


Squeeze some lemon halves over the meat before and after flipping to add a little zest to the flavor.

Matambre de cerdo is typically quite tender. Place a small piece between some bread and enjoy!

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