More Grills That May Help To Prepare An Asado

Perhaps some great news for those who bombard me with questions about how to acquire certain types of grills, ideal for asado, in the U.S.. Well, the news should be good for those who have been looking for simple or adjustable features in a grill that also allows one to easily replenish hot coals without disturbing the meats while they are roasting.

I came across an article today in the NY Times that goes on about the pleasures and benefits of cooking over a wood fire. Actually, it reads more as a promotional piece for Francis Mallman(restauranteur, celebrity chef, asado master in Argentina) and Peter Kaminsky’s (food writer/journo.) freshly published book, Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way”, sort of like what you will see me do as you read further but an informative read no less. The book itself sounds extremely interesting and there is even a section that guides you on the process of roasting a whole cow. I’ll have to snag a copy but with the mail system here don’t expect any reviews in the near future.

So, about those grills.

What really caught my eye upon first glance at the NYTimes article was the beautiful photographic display of grilling hardware right under the headline. Halfway into the piece, we’re told that the adjustable device comes from SpitJack, a company that sells a variety of grilling and BBQ products. Maybe my memory is fading from too much Fernet but I do not believe that I have hit that site before or else I would have mentioned it somewhere. Anyway, they have a few grills that should cater to the true asado aficionado–if no other options are available, particularly the Tuscan grill and SpitJack Fireplace grill.

Adjustable Grill SpitJack Fireplace Grill
Description: Classic design features coupled with high quality production and materials make this the premier fireplace grill available today. This model will work with virtually any log burning configuration and can be used at any stage of fire. The grill grate is adjustable (3-level) and there is a built-in drip pan to help prevent flare-ups and keep your hearth clean. From specs and appearance, this one looks great!

Tuscan Grill Tuscan Grill
Description: This dual purpose Tuscan Grill has 196 square inches of cooking surface. Lay it on your conventional chrome-plated or enamel grate to produce tack-sharp, well defined grill marks. Screw on the legs and use it for grilling over a campfire or on your fireplace hearth. This one is similar to parrillas used out in the campo or countryside.

Both of these grills are marketed as fireplace grills but, as photographed in the NYTimes article and if you read the descriptions, they should perform just as well on the ground as long as the surface is flat.

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