Oh Random Roundup

-Well my plans to update the design of this site and a few other things have been squashed for the past three weeks due to my ISP screwing over all of its customers down here with connection speeds slightly better than what I had with Compuserve back in ’93. So while I’m sitting here flushing money down my crapper because I can’t really work and waiting for the new ISP to connect–already a week late, you’ll just have to put up with my foul mood.

-Thankfully none of that farm mess happening up north has affected us much down here. Sure the shelves that hold milk and flour were filled halfway for a few days but beef was always in good supply. Felt just a little guilty filling up homemade flour tortillas with marinated flank steak or carving into a fat colita de cuadril while everyone up Buenos Aires had to dine on pasta. Ok, nothing to laugh at but why not add a little levity to this horrible situation. Hopefully this mess is will be sorted out. Was quite saddening last week to see thousands of liters of milk being dumped when there are tons of schools with no funds to buy milk or bread for their students no matter what the agricultural situation is.

Cantimpalo & Ham Pizza 1

Cantimpalo & Ham Pizza 2

-This past Thursday, a post over at Serious Eats’ Slice inspired me to finally give the 24-hour slow rise a shot for pizza dough. I’ve heard about this method for years, it’s a key to great bread, but just never really followed through with it. Not sure why, maybe because I never plan for pizza, it’s just a spur of the moment craving on any given day; and it has to be made or ordered on that day. So, after reading that post and the comments that followed, I jumped out of my chair and got to work. Actually from the start I liked this method. No warming water. No 5-15 minute wait for the yeast to start burping away in its warm bath. Just mix, knead, and toss in the fridge. Come Friday I was quite happy with not having to do all of the previous tasks. Although I pulled the dough out of the fridge two hours ahead of time, it was still quite cool to the touch but I could wait no longer. However, as the author mentioned, the dough was notably much more pliable and easier to work with than same day dough. Into the oven the pie went with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and a split of half ham/half cantimpalo. (My wife always has to have ham pizza….) No pizza stone at the moment so this was pan pizza. A few minutes before removal, a sprinkling of minced fresh parsley and garlic.

Wow, what a difference in both taste and texture from what I normally make. Granted, the dough should have been kneaded a bit longer and pulled out of the fridge earlier but, still, the crust was quite robust and fluffy. I believe this method will be the norm from now on.

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