Once Again The NY Times Rewrites Old News

On March 16, the New York Times published a piece titled “Argentine Nights” by Denny Lee that pretty much hit the cliche bullseye on Buenos Aires mainstream media topics such as tango, expats, arts, music, restaurants, and hotels. While skimming through paragraph after paragraph, I asked myself: haven’t I read this before?. Something about how expat artists, musicians, and designers have finally released Buenos Aires residents from the confines of their culture-less lifestyles. As if until the expat stampede arrived, everyone dined on Malbec and steaks while stomping their feet to Gardel singing away on a phonograph tucked into the corner.

Then it hit me.

Washington Post’s “Expatriate Games: Travelers Are Heading to Buenos Aires for the Culture — and Staying for the $250 Rent

Newsweek’s “The Capital Of Cool: Hip, happening Buenos Aires is luring writers, artists and musicians from around the world

What did they rehash?

That David Lampson moved down to Buenos Aires to write sitcom material. Amanda Knauer sells her line of handbags at Qara. Gavin Burnett came down to DJ. Niceto Club’s Zizek and Grant Dull. Bohemian living and Prague in the 1990’s. How everything is so cheap. Now, I’ll give the ‘ol gray lady some credit, they did quote and reference other expats but isn’t the overall theme quite similar to the other articles? I’m not saying that the aforementioned people–who I greatly respect–or lifestyle topics should be ignored since they have already been covered, but come on, put a fresher spin on them if you do. This piece reads as if all research was performed through e-mailing and web surfing. Journalism has fallen into the crapper folks.

One more thing, are there no other super cool hotels, clubs, and restaurants other than Home, Faena Hotel + Universe, Olsen, and Niceto?

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