Overcrowded Parrilla

Various Beef Cuts

Some friends recently finished an extension to their house in order to have an area for an indoor parrilla and extra storage space. I guess you could call the new room a quincho garage. Anyway, they wanted to break in the new grill and what better way to do that than invite a group of friends and co-workers over for a big asado–about 15 of us in total.

Sausages, Offal, & Beef

Grilled Meats

I apologize for the low quality images but I left my camera behind and had to use my wife’s, of which I’m entirely unfamiliar with. The navigation system and buttons are horrible and I just didn’t have the time nor opportunity to do a major trial and error session. I’m usually quite good at getting the hang of gadgets quickly but not so much in this instance. The asador was constantly tending to the coals or moving meat around and, well, I was not there to be a pest by asking him to move out of the way every minute. Preparing an asado can be a fun and challenging task but, whew, let me tell you, it is such a relief to be sitting on the sidelines when you have the chance.

As you can clearly see, it would be an understatement to say the parrilla was a bit overcrowded. Sausages had to wait in line for direct heat on top of huge slabs beef. The chinchulines (small intestines) were tossed on the grill when half of what you see in the third photo was cleared off. Too bad for the chinchulines. Practically everyone was about to explode by the time they were ready though some of us mustered up the strength to give them a taste. Yes, I will cover them one day. Oh, and I also grew a pair and tried bull balls (criadillas), or perhaps you know than as huevos, prairie oysters, cowboy caviar, or swinging beef, for the first time. Nothing at all like what I expected, they were quite good actually. Think soft sweetbreads with a bit of umami. More on them later.

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