Fernet Premium

I only crack open the Fernet Premium on special occasions.

What’s up with all these booze posts lately? Am I on a bender? Wine in a box up next?

Fernet Premium

Two prominent aromas battling each other here. One has a quite pleasant sweetness of brown sugar and molasses. Dark Caribbean rum comes to mind. The other, metallic, like an old toolbox. Herbal notes are hiding right around the corner. Initial taste hits you with an explosion of mint followed by another huge burst of medicinal bitterness. Totally different than the aroma yet with a sweetness that is …

When Beer Is Not A Tasty Beverage

This doesn’t apply to the recent trial of Antares Scotch, which by the way is currently sold out in the local supermarkets–luckily there is still some Porter laying around though. I really want to try the Scotch again since there was obviously something wrong with either me or the bottles I tried that day, but that is another topic. What I am about to talk about today are two beers that were so utterly vile that I gag and shiver just thinking about them. In case you’re thinking, “heh, if you were not sure about Antares Scotch, how can …

Parrilla Building

Check out this parrilla that is being built by a couple who recently stayed in Buenos Aires for about three-quarters of a year. Not quite finished yet but enough to where they were able to give it a whirl for friends and family. Fantastic photos detailing the construction process in case anyone is interested in seeing how one particular type of parrilla is built.

You can see it all here: The Birth of a Parrilla


Brushing specks of charcoal off the meats after refueling the fire = not cool


Antares Scotch Ale

Antares Scotch Ale


The Scotch is back! This time in the standard portable 330ml bottle and let me tell you that there was definitely something wrong with either me or the other bottle during the first instance of trying this beer (see below.) Personally, I believe it was the bottle or batch for this fresh trial didn’t have any musty, chemical, or whatever is flavor that is often associated with huge corporate brews. No, the bottle I indulged myself with was rather rich and flavorful. The richness was quite surprising for a beer that only has 6% …

Which Would You Prefer?

asparagus (obvious?)


1 Kilo of Asparagus = 4.90 ARS ($1.55 USD)

1 Kilo of Tomatoes = 12.90 ARS ($4 USD)

The asparagus pictured above equals one kilo. The equivalent in price(4.90 ARS) for tomatoes at this time would be about 2 medium-sized ones. (I bought a large one last Friday that cost me 3 ARS) I’m participating in this week’s tomato boycott so I wasn’t able to snap a pic of freshly bought tomatoes. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to see their mugs anyway. This week’s stock screams …

Ojo De Bife – Rib Eye

Ojo De Bife - Rib Eye

Grab yourself a chunk of bife ancho. Have it? Good. Now slice off the spinalis dorsi, longissimus costarum, and multifidus dorsi. Please be careful with the spinalis dorsi, that’s special. Ask any beef aficionado and they’ll tell you that it is one of “the” most tender muscles off of our beloved beef providers. Now, if you did everything right, you should have on your cutting board a nice slab of ojo de bife, the Longissimus dorsi muscle. Well that’s the official ojo de bife cut …

All Things Argentina

In case you didn’t know, Google has a nifty custom search engine beta going on that anyone can use. Basically you can create your own little search engine that focuses on topics or specific sites that you like. It’s very cool. Anyway, every day I perform various searches related to Argentina and after a while I get tired of using the site: command to seek out information of the same topic on different sites. Today I thought why not just create a Google CSE? So I did. I took part of the list of blogs over at Bloggers in

Ooops – Site Update

If anyone tried to post a comment since yesterday and it hasn’t appeared yet, please try again.

Sighhhhh….what a day

The sh*t hit the fan on upgrading to the latest version of WordPress.

Lessons learned…

1. Make sure you are paying attention.

2. When they say turn off all plugins before upgrading, turn off ALL plugins.

3. Do not jury rig WordPress in such a way that sooner or later things are bound to go seriously wrong.

Well after cleaning out the rigging of the backup DB, moving that DB to another server, installing a fresh out of the box unrigged previous version of WordPress, upgrading …

Pseudo Sriracha-Chipotle Chili Paste

Note: Just in case you don’t fully read through this post and come to conclusions, what I’m about to talk about has nothing to do with cuisine in Argentina.

One market that I frequent had a huge crate of ripe red jalapeños and, when I saw them, I instantly knew some sort of chipotle experiment needed to go down. The smoker still needs some modifications for heat control so attempting to fully dry peppers is just not a great option at this time. I did, however, want to see if I could at least cheat and get close to recreating that …