Brasero De Mesa – Tabletop Food Warmer

Brasero - Heater

This nifty table-top accessory keeps the grilled goods warm-plain and simple. Drop a few hot coals from the parrilla into the base, place the cooked meats on the top platter, and you’re good to go.

The brasero de mesa is more often found in certain parrilla restaurants than in the confines of one’s home or quincho. Why? Well at home one is probably cooking much more meat than this dinky little tray can handle. Also, the asador takes pride in his/her continued management of the grill and serving while …

Grilling up steaks in Argentina

I remember my initial experience at a parrilla restaurant years ago when I made my first trip to Argentina. About three-quarters of the meats listed on the menu were steaks. Tourist tunnel vision gave me the impression that the word parrilla was plastered on sign boards throughout each block. At any home I imagined anyone and everyone who had a parrilla grill must be grilling up steaks left and right. As time went by, I learned that was not always the case. Grilling up steaks at home on a parrilla that is, not eating them.

After all this time, I get …

There Goes My Pizzeria Dreams

Yeah, I always wanted to own a pizzeria too. Guess I’ll have to build a chain.

NYMag has a tiny piece on the profits and revenue for Nina’s Argentinian Pizzeria in New York (Hat tip to SliceNY)

“Annual Revenue: $186,000 ($18,000 is profit). ”

Well, at least I can play pizzeria owner and buy that wood-fired pizza oven in the hardware store down the street. Just need to figure out where to put it.

Cookies, Cookies, And Cookies

One usually associates an airport with heading out for or returning from a business or pleasure trip, dropping someone off, or picking someone up. Obviously all those things apply to me too but there is also another reason why I like going to the airport. The duty free shop. Actually the whole island is a duty free shop because we don’t have to pay the 21% IVA (value added tax) that breaks everyone else’s wallet around the country. You’ll find various self-proclaimed “free shops” all over the cities, but sometimes that doesn’t necessarily mean the prices will reflect that aspect.

The …

Barbecuing, Grilling, Or……?

Many true hardcore barbecuing purists in the U.S. state that if you cook anything “directly” above hot coals then you are grilling. That’s it. End of discussion. Real barbecuing is slow cooking over an indirect fire.

Some others may state that grilling is cooking quickly over hot coals while barbecuing is nice and slow with a low fire-directly or indirectly.

Then you have some who say that anything cooked on a barbecue grill is barbecuing.

Recently I came across a forum where one user linked to this site with compliments to the Argentinean way of barbecuing(or grilling) meats. Another user came …


I love it when people just drop off gifts when it isn’t a holiday or my birthday. Yeah that sounds bad but hey, why protest? Actually, I need to get on the ball and start returning the favor or else this phenomena might just end.

These were put into my possession the other day and I just had to shout YEAH! Tablas para asado or as I like to call them asadoware. These will replace the dinky little round wooden plates that I’ve been using so far.


Even though I have yet to …

Dry Chimichurri Mix & Rub

Chimichurri Rub

A few of the major companies here in Argentina that whip out salt, spices, dried herbs, and seasonings offer ready-made chimichurri dry mixes that only require the inclusion of wet ingredients to create a version of the famed sauce. Now obviously this holds nothing on good ‘ol aged chimichurri that is made with fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices but something of this sort does come in handy at times. Like say a last minute asado is planned and you’re feeling lazy and the produce at the store looks like …



Now I know this site focuses primarily on Argentina but I think it would be great to mix in a few surprises once in a while from the neighbors. This popular condiment, served throughout Chile, is so good that I would never forgive myself for not letting you know of its existence. I can eat pebre like a soup.

Pebre is like the distant cousin of chimichurri for it is used for all the same reasons-to accompany grilled meats. Although chimichurri improves with time, pebre is best enjoyed somewhat fresh. Needs …

Farm Fresh

For some of us out there in this world, except for a visit to a farmer’s market or specialty store, we really have no idea where exactly most of the food we purchase or consume comes from. Sure, for some items, we may know which town, county, province, state, country, or region but which exact farm or ranch we often have no clue–unless of course the food is labeled as such. Even then, it may be halfway across the country and thus just a name.

I find it fascinating when many of the local stores and large supermarket chains sell products …

The #1 Reason For Having A Parrilla Indoors

Cold weather! Whoever started the quincho craze here, I thank you.

Snow 2