Bife De Chorizo – Sirloin Strip Steak (Top Loin)

Bife De Chorizo - Sirloin Strip Steak
(Cooked for about 25 minutes per side over a medium fire.)

If it were not for travel guides, acquaintances, or menu translations, I wonder how many first time visitors to Argentina would bypass bife de chorizo thinking it to be some sort of Argentinean sausage version of the hamburger steak. Instead, moving on to other unfamiliar names that for some reason scream beef of which Argentina is famous for and what these visitors want to devour. However, that is not the case and this …

Southernmost Habanero In The World?


Today is a day of celebration! You see, I have this habanero plant that has been flowering like you wouldn’t believe for six months but never produced fruits. The weather here is a bit too cold to have it outside so I’ve been trying my luck with it indoors. Proper sunlight throughout the day sucks and I have researched and researched ways to get this sucker to bear fruits. Believe me, I’ve tried everything except high-powered lights to enhance growth. The plant is huge and about a month ago I resigned …

Queso Azul, Nueces, & Coñac – Blue Cheese, Nuts, & Brandy (or Cognac)

Blue Cheese, Walnuts, And Brandy

Here’s another great starter to nibble on while waiting for those guests who have yet to arrive or the meat to be served. This deeply rich and flavorful spread is absolutely fantastic with thin slices of crusty bread; toasted or not. Blue cheese, nuts, and brandy. That’s it.

Now before I go further I feel that it is my duty to upset a few cognac or brandy aficionados. Here in Argentina, probably the most popular brandy or cognac is Reserva San Juan РCo̱ac V.S.O.P.

Colita De Cuadril (Tail of Rump) – Tri-Tip

Colita De Cuadril is known in English as tri-tip, sirloin bottom, or tip roast. The exact same thing, not one of those cuts that are similar yet cut differently like vacio and flank steak. You can roast it, grill it, or smoke it. Slice it up for stir-fry. Grind it up for hamburger meat. Cube it for kebabs. The meat sucks up spices and marinades like a sponge. Pound for pound (or kilo for kilo) the cut is not that expensive. Let me say last but not least, I mean just look at the shape, is that not …

Ensalada Mixta – Mixed Salad

Whether it has a few ingredients or many, I love a good salad. Same goes for dressings to put on those salads. Pass me a bottled of preservative-enhanced blue cheese dressing and some greens and I’ll be flopping around like a pig in, well, you know where. Mix up a delicate fresh raspberry-walnut vinaigrette and I’ll flop around again. Flavorful dressings such as those along with a salad of ten different ingredients can really become a meal of its own. Sometimes however, lettuce, tomato, and onion tossed with a light, yet extremely simple dressing, can do wonders. Even more …

The Matambre Challenge: Round Two

The Matambre Challenge

Click Here For The Matambre Challenge Overview

Remember this is half fun and half research. The results of this challenge may not be indicative of whether or not these methods of preparation do what they are supposed to do. Sometimes you just get a poor quality cut of meat that nothing can defeat yet may work wonders for a high quality cut.

The Challenger In Round Two Is:

Vacuum-packed Wet-aged Matambre

Alright, here we are at round two of The Matambre Challenge. The matambre I used in this round has been sitting tight in a vacuum-packed plastic …

Lamb Sweetbreads – Mollejas De Cordero

Grilled Lamb Sweetbreads (Mollejas De Cordero)

I’m not a big fan of offal. If you are familiar with Argentinean asado then you know that achuras(offal) are the prized favorites. Since I just stated that I’m not a fan, you are probably wondering why the heck I’m managing this site and waxing the methods of Argentinean barbecue. Well, I’ll eat it and cook it if I have to but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. First, let me just state I have not problem with knowing where these organs come …

White Barbecue Sauce : Salsa Barbacoa Blanca

One day, long ago, I was told that someone “is bringing over some barbecued chicken from Decatur. It’s the best.” About an hour later, two barbecued chickens arrived with little containers of white sauce. Being the young naive person that I was (probably still am I guess), barbecue sauce from a barbecue joint, to me, was red–thick or thin. My views would change after that day. “Pour it over your chicken or dip a piece into it, either way you have to eat the chicken with the sauce,” I was told. My pinky finger went immediately into the container to …

Introducing Argentina X

I had this domain sitting around and could never really decide what to do with it. I thought about turning it into a travel site from time to time but, meh, the market is too saturated. Consumes too much time and you really need to stay on top of things or it all ends up out of date.

Since I’ve been asked a few times what it’s like down here in the Land of Fire, I decided maybe I should toss up something small and simple. Plus there is too much damn Buenos Aires love going around. Quite a few …

Fernet Branca

Fernet Branca

The mainstream media is filled with articles these days about how you must try the beef and wine in Argentina. You must have a steak and malbec they say. Do they mention beer? Maybe. Fernet? I have yet to see it. Probably because these journalists haven’t enjoyed an asado in someone’s backyard or quincho (the indoor barbecue party playroom).

Although Fernet may be spotted at tables in parrilla restaurants, you don’t see it as often there as you do at a personal asado gathering. Where you’ll usually find a few guys at one end of the …