Basting With Brine (Salmuera)


Salmuera (brine) is a fantastic, yet overly simple, concoction to use as a basting sauce (previously mentioned in the simple adobos post). I’ve said before that salt is largely the only seasoning used on barbecued meats in Argentina. Salmuera stays in line with that tradition yet also includes the added benefit of keeping meats that require lengthy cooking times from drying out. If you want to go one step further, you can introduce a little extra zing by adding one or two of your favorite herbs, spices, fruit peels/zest, or …

The Matambre Challenge: Round One

The Matambre Challenge

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Remember this is half fun and half research. The results of this challenge may not be indicative of whether or not these methods of preparation do what they are supposed to do. Sometimes you just get a poor quality cut of meat that nothing can defeat yet may work wonders for a high quality cut.

The Challengers In Round One Are:

Marinated in milk
Simmered in milk


Scored, seasoned with salt, and cooked on medium-low fire for about 20 minutes each side.

Marinated In Milk:

“That’s because you have to let it sit …

The About page is up

Finally got around to putting up an “about” page. Upper left under the logo below the home page link. Probably reads like a !@#!ing 6th grade book report, like the rest of what I write, but at least its something. I’ll add some more stuff to it now and then but until that time….here you go.

About Me and This Site

Almost have the first Matambre Challenge post ready but I’m still a bit groggy from last night. We celebrated a first year birthday party for the son of a friend. Party started at 10pm and yes, to answer your question, …

The Matambre Challenge

Matambre translated into English means shoe leather. Some, however, might try to convince you that it is a word mash up of matar (to kill) and hambre (hunger) to equal matambre (hunger killer). Pay no attention to them.

I imagine hunger killer was chosen because your jaw will be in so much pain after eating this flavorful yet chewy meat that the slightest thought of food will never again enter your mind. Nor will your system be able to digest that rubberized strip of chest and belly meat.

There is a matambre post sitting around and collecting dust somewhere around …

To The New Year

Desdemona - Cabo San Pablo - Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina

Wow, 2006 went by really fast! I hate when time just flies away. We decided to take an excursion out to Cabo San Pablo for New Years Day. The weather was beautiful and I think everyone was out in the countryside having a picnic, asado, or just drinking some mate in the sun while enjoying the tranquility of nature. There were cars almost all along the route with fires burning and that savory smell of roasted meat. If you were hoping for …

Russian Salad – Ensalada Rusa

At many barbecue parties around the world you’ll find classic dishes that accompany the main attraction of meats. In Korea you’ll see different types of kimchi and pickled vegetables. In the Caribbean, rice and beans and plantains. In the U.S., potato salad, cole slaw, and corn. One of the classics in Argentina is ensalada rusa, or russian salad. Ensalada rusa is probably one of the most popular side dishes in Argentina for a variety of foods and occasions.

The original “russian salad” was supposedly invented by a French chef named Lucien Olivier at the Hermitage Restaurant in Moscow, Russia around …

Lomo – Tenderloin

One of the most prized and expensive cuts of meat on the market is the tenderloin. In Argentina, the tenderloin is known as lomo. Pork tenderloin is called lomo de cerdo but for beef it is simply lomo; beef country remember. Tenderloin is a long tube-shaped cut of meat that runs along the spinal section. This muscle section of the cow does not get much of a workout , therefore the meat is extremely tender. Cook it right and you will be rewarded with a meat so succulent and tender you will feel like it is melting in your …

Matambre De Cerdo – Pork Flank Steak

If you love pork or I should say if you really love grilled pork, matambre de cerdo is a definite must on the meats to cook list. This thin cut of meat is basically a pork flank steak. Matambre de cerdo sucks up that smokey flavor from cooking over hot coals like a sponge. For this part I’ll explain how to prepare the meat solo, but there is another fantastic method of cooking it called “a la pizza” that I’ll cover later.

Matambre De Cerdo - Pork Flank Steak Cooked


Whether cooking …


It is the end of the day. You have the urge to grill something but you don’t want to end up making a big deal out of it. After a quick run to the supermarket to grab a few items, you light the fire. Crack open some cold beers or a bottle of wine to kill the time. Finally, you are rewarded with this….

Choripan 2

Chorizo + Bread + Chimichurri = Simplicity at its best.

Pizza a la parrilla – Grilled Pizza

…or barbecued pizza.

I’m going to continue off the beaten path for a bit because I just couldn’t resist a little more experimentation. I was reading SaltShaker the other day, very well written site by the way if you have not come across it yet. Actually before I go further, if you want the dish on restaurants and cuisine in Buenos Aires–with a dash of tourism, a dollop of culture, and a heaping spoon of humor– I highly recommend you checking it out. He must go out to dinner every night for how many restaurants reviews …