Last Smoke Of The Year

Smoke For The New Year Few hours till feast time and then after that, party time! With the newly invoked daylight savings time change, there will still be a speckle of sunlight at midnight. So much for good fireworks…

Stuffed: The Christmas Eve Feast

I always find it interesting to read or hear what other people around the world carve their knives into for Christmas Eve/Day dinner. Same with other large holidays and traditions. What types of food and how true they stay to local or ethnic tradition. Are they hardcore traditional where they eat the same thing over and over, year after year? New twists to old classics? Mix a few traditional dishes with non-traditional? Or, “well, we did have ham with our green curry chicken and naan, but it was rubbed with wasabi.”

Here’s what we had. (What’s in Spanish is …

Coming Late

Just popping in to give a heads up to those looking for round wooden plates. Ignacio was nice enough to drop a comment with a link to a Mercado Libre seller. (thanks for that!)


Looking at the description and comments, I take it that the seller will ship to pretty much anywhere.

In other news, my connection has been horrible this week with total outage on Wednesday and part of Thursday. Someone in-the-know told me that the ISP gods up north literally don’t give a flying @$!# about us islanders. I honestly don’t know why because the demand is definitely …

Coming Soon


…enough with the fancy pants “steak” cuts

Being Economical

Hot Sauce

I’m a chile head. No I’m not infatuated with the country, I’m addicted to the hot stuff. I don’t care how much work someone puts into an elaborate dish, chopped chiles, chile powder, or hot sauce are going on top. If none of that is on hand, I start wigging out.

When the only available hot sauces are Tabasco brand and mediocre domestic brands that hardly tickle the tongue, certain measures need to be taken. When you go through two or three 2oz. bottles of Tabasco a week and the price of each bottle jumps from 9 …

Helado – Gelato/Ice Cream

Malbec & Fernet and Cola Gelato

At some asados there are desserts that are ready to be pulled from the fridge, freezer, cooler, or trunk of a car. At others, dessert is nowhere to be found until someone shouts, “You guys want helado?” If the general ruling is yes, then a quick phone call is made for delivery or, if that’s not available, a few will make a dash for the nearest shop. Either way, a short while later, gelato or ice cream …

The 2007 Asador Vacation: Wrap Up

Continued from Part I, Part II, Part III, & Part IV

Hugh growth in foodie culture.

Black pepper isn’t sold as black pepper anymore. It’s tellicherry pepper.

Restaurants are swapping out salt shakers for mini grinders.

Never vacation during Thanksgiving or part of the time is leftover hell.

I miss Costco already.

Medications to treat all kinds of problems are advertised everywhere. Have trouble opening the door? Ask your doctor for oxypentolinoyl.

Don’t put our tab on the table when we haven’t even finished our meal. Don’t interrupt our conversation to ask if all is ok every 2 minutes.

Houston’s grilled artichokes …

The 2007 Asador Vacation: Part IV

Continued from Part I, Part II, & Part III

“Pittsburgh? Pittsburgh!? You’re going to Pittsburgh!??! Why???”

I heard that about 50 times before hopping on a plane to eat turkey leftovers for a week. Most of them had never even been there while those had, visited, not lived, mumbled it as being the armpit of something or other. I get excited about visiting unexplored cities, so I’d have to see for myself, but I wasn’t looking forward to swapping 80ºF temp for 30ºF bone-chilling hell.

Although we didn’t actually stay in Pittsburgh, about twenty miles out, we did make about …

The 2007 Asador Vacation: Part III

Continued from Part I & Part II

South Florida

I used to live in Florida so there really isn’t much for me to say in general. Much of the time was spent shopping at almost every single store we could reach or having a fantastic time with some family. I will, however, offer my thoughts on Key West and ,when I wrap this whole series up, cover food and restaurants.

Key Weird

Headed down to Key Weird for an overnighter but, as an afterthought, I think I’ve had my fill of Key Weird. This wasn’t the first visit for myself or anyone …

The 2007 Asador Vacation: Part II

continued from Part I

Buenos Aires

Bought a book for the plane and ate Tuñin pizza.


Every time I’m at Ezeiza, the main international airport in Argentina, I hear at least one disgruntled passenger from the U.S., mouthing off for some idiotic reason like problems at an airport in Argentina don’t happen back home.

Last year it was some guy mumbling a little too loudly that he was “so f*cking sick of this backward ass country” because he had to stand in line to pay for something. Good, don’t come back!

This year it was a lady who had to toss her …