The 2007 Asador Vacation: Part I

Whenever I fly to the U.S., I plan at least one night’s stay for each leg. In case of delays, cancellations, some extra shopping, and finally, to recuperate before jumping into another aluminum tube with wings.

Everything was planned perfectly.

Fly from here to Buenos Aires and stay one night. Leave the next evening to Miami. Stay in Boca Raton for a week and go to Pittsburgh. Stay in Pittsburgh for a week and fly back to Florida. Stay in Boca one night and fly out of Miami the next evening for Buenos Aires. Stay in Buenos Aires one night and …

Don’t Worry Grill, I’m Back



If anyone out there still reads this site, we’ve spent the past three weeks visiting and vacationing with various family members. Time goes too fast and eventually one has to get back into the ‘ol routine. Sucks. Too bad. Oh well. I was able to clear my head a bit and am quite inspired to try out a few new things on different fronts.

For any who sent e-mails and comments, I pretty much unplugged myself(so refreshing …

Trout, Salmon, & Crab Cakes

Crab, Salmon, & Trout Cakes

Well the fish are winning by 2 points, as you can see on the scoreboard in the right column, but we’re still early in the game. Another match is scheduled for today and it looks like the wind is in my favor.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, someone dropped off two frozen competitors–one trout and one salmon. (Does that even the score?) The fish looked pretty decent in size and last night I had this fancy spread all planned out. Fillet and bake them with lemon, onions, and …

Fun With Chimichurri

Chimichurri performs a superb job at being a condiment, marinade, or basting sauce for grilled meats, but this zesty sauce can also add some extra zip to many other foods as well.

Chimichurri Remoulade

Mix one part chimichurri(strain some if too liquidy) to three parts mayonnaise to create a delicious remoulade for fish, crab cakes, fried potatoes, sandwiches, or whatever you enjoy remoulade with.

Marinated Olives

Drain a can or jar of olives, dump into a non-reactive bowl, cover with chimichurri, and seal with plastic wrap. After they spend a night together, enjoy! Before serving, remove olives and reserve the chimichurri as a marinade …

The Checkout Shuffle

Why, oh why, did I not take a picture?

Why were there 15 carts in an L-shaped line at the opposite end of the supermarket while my lane and the two surrounding ones only had one or two carts along with no signs of closing?

Why were all of those people looking at us with blank stares?

Were they afraid to ask if our lanes were closed?

Did they assume our lanes were closed because there were only one or two carts per lane while the other lane could have gone halfway into the store, if it were straight, and must be the only …

Vamos A Pescar!


Tomorrow is the start of the 2007/2008 fishing season! Well I can fish off the coast at any time but for tasty trout and salmon, the window of opportunity has finally arrived. Hopefully this season, unlike the last one, I’ll catch something worth tossing on the ‘ol parrilla.

If any fellow fishermen out there are interested in viewing this season’s rules & regulations for Patagonia you can download the PDF here (English and Spanish) [5mb] Not a light read.

Home Away From Home: Buenos Aires Pizzeria

Years ago, a couple hours after arriving on my first trip to Argentina, instead of being whisked away in order to familiarize myself with the famous steak and malbec, I was taken to a simple neighborhood corner cafe that specialized in pizza. “You’re going to try my favorite pizza,” I was told, “this is the pizza of Buenos Aires.” About 30 minutes after washing down peanuts and potato chips with an ice cold liter bottle of Quilmes along with some small talk about how ham was the popular pizza topping of choice in Argentina, our pie arrived. Being …

Antares Barley Wine

Antares Barley Wine

“No mas. Not a beer to try after three pints of Antares Imperial Stout. I couldn’t take it anymore. Halfway through, my papillae were screaming “Oh for the love of (enter deity of choice here), please stop!” Come on, we can make it through this together.”

That was my first attempt at trying Antares Barley Wine almost three years ago in a dark pub hidden away on a tiny street off of Avenida De Mayo. The Clover, ah the memories.

Lo and behold, this week’s newest arrival on the local beer buying scene is …

ATTN: Blogspot.com Users


Ok, after consulting with Dave, the creator of Spam Karma, everything should be fine now after resetting a few things. This was all due to my major screwup while upgrading Wordpress recently. Basically, I should have called the electrician at the time instead of shoving a screwdriver into the electrical outlet to see if I could fix it myself. Everything looked fine on the surface but I short-circuited a few wires. Read that as do not attempt to rebuild tables in MYSQL yourself when you do not know what you’re dealing with. Anyway, if anyone has …

Makeshift Seasoning Bottle

About a month ago, a commenter on the chimichurri recipe post, Val, posted a couple great tips on the use and preparation of chimichurri. (btw, if you want to spread the word here on your own tips please feel free to do so) One of them was a makeshift seasoning bottle out of an old wine bottle and cork. Any bottle will work as long as the cork snuggles nicely into the opening. A friend of mine made one once with one of those little glass Coca-cola bottles.