Penguinland and another little roundup

There I was, this past Sunday, in the process of laying out about 5kg of meat when, POW (plus a few clinks), the rack started to list at 30 degrees to port. A bolt that clamped a chain/clamp assembly to the winch appeared loose. After frantic attempts to tighten the bolt, while preventing my arm from becoming brazo a la parrilla, it was determined that the grooves in the clamp stressed out a bit. Heat does that to you. “Let’s try this,” one suggested, and a minute later, after hammering a screw in between the clamp and winch shaft (hammers work so well at fixing stuff), things were back in order. After around 2.5 fear-filled hours–I didn’t even dare to raise or lower the grill–the asado was served. For now, the parrilla is out of commission until I can find a replacement part and disassemble all of the grease splattered parts. Sigh…more smoking.


Yet another reminder for those who keep shelving the idea of traveling to Argentina to sample some beefy beef. Hurry up! In a few years I’ll be writing about how to grill a 2 kilo slab of soy sh*t. Maybe not. But seriously, don’t be surprised if sometime in the near future that grass-fed beef you were expecting turns out to be super greasy feedlot garbage seasoned with a heavy dose of hormones and antibiotics. [links from Estanciero Mike]


Beach Penguins

“I’ve never been to Tierra Del Fuego but I know it’s cold and there are a lot of penguins” -random Buenos Aires native

“You live in Tierra Del Fuego? That’s like right next Antarctica right?” – a bunch of people around the world

I created think it was a former pron site before I scooped it up) to expose a little bit of my surroundings for anyone interested but then it fell by the wayside. Part of that was due to lame exposure like a crappy image link on the right column here plus maybe a link or two in posts. (The daily traffic has always been about about one visitor less than this site, which means one visitor per day) Nor did I put much of anything into it. Just a few photos every month or so with little commentary. Of course, the main goal was to post something simple like photos but time, procrastination, and weather kind of ruined it all. Also I might add, some posts that were better suited over there, ended up here thus ruining the focus of So, what to do and why the hell am I talking about penguins?

Well, once again, I heard about a comment related to penguins swarming all over Tierra Del Fuego. Like there are some waddling around in my backyard at this moment or that I have to swerve around them while driving.

Also, I was talking to someone a while back who couldn’t believe there are flamingos down here in summer. Yes, flamingos. They aren’t all hanging out with Crockett and Tubbs up in Miami you know.

(Sorry for this poor excuse of an image. Those pink pixels are flamingos standing way beyond a fence in the middle of a large pond. I really need to get a digital SLR with a good lens.)

So, I want to expand upon my original idea with ArgentinaX, posting about my surroundings to let others know what it’s like down here, but also a few other things. At times, as I’ve done here on occasion, I want to write about something totally unrelated to the focal points of these two sites. Just “blog” about anything that may interest me. Cover other local foods. Post a Youtube link. I don’t know, but in a way where things are separated to an extent, yet integrated as well. Similar to various blog networks out there but on a much much smaller scale with content updated on a whenever basis–like how I am now.

I hesitated on posting this because I’m getting tired of the whole “sorry I haven’t been posting for a while but I promise blah blah blah” pitch that all of us “bloggers” give from time to time. Pssst, the busy excuse is code for feeling lazy, burned out, or “I have better things to do.” Like many of my other ideas, if it works out it works out. (If I’ll even follow through) If not, don’t worry I still love working on this site even if I don’t post that often.

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